Firefly Festival’s Foodie Options

Sure, we’d recommend cooking at your campsite to save some money and have fun grilling out with friends. But Firefly has an amazing food scene if you get hungry at the festival. And you will. This isn’t just sustenance for festival-goers. We’re talking about delicious, unique, Instagrammable cuisine. You’ll definitely be able to find something you like here. Be sure to try a few new dishes from one of their many vendors.

In the past, they’ve had tons of food options, and we expect this year will be no different. So far, they’ve mentioned tacos and tropical smoothie bowls on their site. They’ve guaranteed healthy options for fans as well as classic craveable, unhealthy ones like burgers and cheesesteaks… and a few offbeat options like alligator po’boys.

For those with dietary restrictions, they’ve got you covered too. They’ll specify on the menu which options are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

Firefly 2019 Will Have SO Much Food!

Firefly’s food lineup is huuuge for this year! (Seriously, click that link for details because we can’t list them all here.) In 2013, we thought it was pretty crazy that Firefly drew 23 food vendors in only their second year. Well, this summer, they’ve got an impressive 49 different vendors slinging food at the festival. They’ve got international options, American staples, seafood, desserts, and more (like, a lot more).

There will be food trucks, small new restaurant concepts, and the farmer’s market where you can stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables… if you can stay away from all this other delicious stuff:

First off, there’s tons of Asian food, like Bangarang Vietnamese, Yao & Me, Wok on the Wild Side, and Asian Sensation, serving up everything from Bulgogi Bowls to Chinese favorites to the incredible-sounding Sesame Ginger Noodles with Pork Belly. Want to try something you’ve never heard of? Try the Jamaican-Korean fusion plates at Spicy Belly.

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And there’s more crazy fusion going on over at Humpty’s Dumplings where they stuff dumplings with non-traditional fillings like jalapeno pulled pork. And don’t forget about off-the-wall Indian foods like Butter Chicken Naan-chos and Curried Poutine at Bombay Love. Meanwhile, Roti Rolls will be serving up roti, a flakey, doughy flatbread topped with both healthy – think hummus and chickpea salad – and not-so-healthy stuff – like smoked pork and creole mac n cheese. Yeah, those just sound silly. And yet, we want them.

Really into cheese? Yeah, us too. There’s Cheese Street that’s known for (you guessed it) grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as The Grilled Cheese Incident and The Big Cheese just to give them a little competition. Because everybody loves a good grilled cheese…

Speaking of cheese, since you’re on the east coast, you may as well grab a cheesesteak (or a fun variation of one) at Broad Street Cheesesteaks. Or, go in a different direction with the cheese and try the Delaware classic, Grotto Pizza. But there’s also Pizza Nova and DC Slices if you’re craving ‘za.

One of the most famous food truck chains in the nation, Luke’s Lobster, will be at the festival serving up amazing lobster rolls. And you can also get your seafood fix at Doc Magrogan’s where they make fish and chips, fish tacos, and a shrimp and noodle salad… and oh, wait for it, Old Bay Fries.

Want a taste of the south? Try the chicken and waffles at Southern Soul. Or grab a po’boy and jambalaya at Phat Daddy’s Creole Eats.

There are multiple options for tacos and other Mexican faves at Nameless Taco and Tica’s Taco. Tres Amigos will handle the burrito bowls.

Just feel like a snack? You can grab a pretzel at Pretzel Revolution and some popcorn with fun toppings at Bunting’s. Or just a few fried risotto balls at Arancini Bros.

Need dessert too? Get your gourmet ice pops at Lil Pop Shop with flavors like rose lemonade or chocolate salted caramel brownie. Go slightly healthier with fresh fruit smoothies at Hippie Dips. Or have an ice cream sandwich at Cool Haus. Perhaps the craziest of the dessert options are the s’mores nachos – that’s graham crackers smothered with chocolate sauce and toasted marshmallow – at Sweet Tooth, but the breakfast cereal cakes at The Cake Walk sound delightful too.

Not enough for you? There are multiple sandwich options, fried chicken joints, breakfast places, noodles, Mediterranean dishes, salads, wraps, sausages… Okay, we’re gonna be here all day. Moving on!


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As for the Drink Options…

This one’s a bit more of a mystery this year. Here’s what we do know:

As usual, Dogfish Head will be taking control of The Brewery. They hail from Delaware after all! The local favorites will be crafting a fan-selected Firefly Ale with guava puree, coconut flower nectar, and a pale ale base.

In the past, there was a “Beercade” filled with booze and arcade games. The Malibu Beach House – sponsored by Malibu rum, obviously – served up frozen drinks in coconut cups and refreshing cocktails, giving fans extras like free wi-fi and flash tatts.

Bud Light created special green Firefly-themed aluminum bottles for the festival. Jack Daniels once served cocktails out of truck and gave tours of their mobile distillery. And there was even a Rosé Lounge curated by Dark Horse Vineyard. Yes, with frozen wine slushies, festival glasses, and a photo booth.

As for this year’s drinks, we’ll just have to wait and see…

More FireFly Music Festival information:

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