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It’s not a festival without a little camping! Sleeping in a tent surrounded by partying strangers is the perfect way to make new friends, commune with nature, and get a little dirty while listening to some live jams. It’s part of the quintessential festival experience.

Whether you want to be Bear Grylls and bring all your own camping gear or opt for something a little nicer, you’ve got some choices at this year’s Firefly Festival. You’ll also need to consider how many friends you’ll be attending with. We’ll review all the traditional tent and RV camping options in this post.

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General Tent Camping

So maybe you’ve done this whole “festival camping” thing before and you’ve got all the stuff you need to set up camp and friends to help you do it? This is the option we’d recommend.

For $189, you’ll get camping space from Thursday through Monday of Firefly. This basic option gets you a 10 feet x 30 feet space for up to six people, and you guys can bring one tent and one car. You’ll have access to shower facilities and The Hub, a sort of festival station for camping entertainment, shopping, activities, and a place to charge your phone. It’s also the place where you can get water and buy ice… ya know, for your party favors.

Book your General Tent Camping here.

If You Want to Get There Early, Consider Wednesday Tent Camping

Lots of festival pros say this is the way to do it.

Feel like spending an extra night and getting a prime location for your tent? You may want to consider paying for Wednesday Tent Camping. It’s $239, but in addition to all that stuff you get with General Tent Camping, you also get to arrive one night early to snag a premier camping location closer to the festival entrance. This makes the slog to the shows from your tent much shorter.

The only fine print on this option is that if you choose Wednesday camping, the rules specifically state that you must load in on Wednesday. No exceptions!

For Wednesday camping, book here.

Carefree Camping

Maybe you’re not a camping expert and you don’t have all that outdoorsy gear, or you just don’t feel like packing it, or whatever. For $499, the festival’s Carefree Camping option gets you a spot (minimum 10’ x 15’ campsite) from Thursday through Monday with preferred check-in.

They’ll also provide you with a custom Firefly-branded tent for up to four people, plus room for up to one vehicle with in-and-out privileges (in case you need to go buy more gear, food, or drinks we presume). In addition to access to The Hub, you’ll also get entry to the festival’s Camping Lounge.

Along with a tent, they’ll throw in more Firefly-styled gear, like four sleeping bags, two double air mattresses (great for not feeling the hard ground beneath you), a solar-powered light, and a lock. It’s basically everything you’ll need for a night in the Woodlands, but be careful coming back at night – all the tents might look the same!

Check out Carefree Camping options here.

Elevated Camping

Not into sleeping on the ground? Afraid of all things creepy crawly? Just coming to the festival with a significant other or friend? Elevated camping at Firefly might be for you.

For $599, from Thursday to Monday, you can sleep in a private, elevated tent for two people. This option comes with one queen bed and parking for one vehicle (with in-and-out privileges). They offer full linen packages available for purchase onsite too if you don’t want to pack all your own sheets and blankets. You’ll also have a preferred check-in location and access to The Hub and the Camping Lounge.

Take a look at these nifty elevated tents and book ’em here.

Group Camping

If you’re coming with a massive group of people, you should definitely consider this option. That way, you’re all guaranteed a spot together. A big spot.

For $1099, this option gets you a 40’ x 40’ area for up to 25 people from Thursday to Monday. It comes with overnight parking for up to 6 vehicles (with in-and-out privileges). And of course, you’ll get access to shower facilities and The Hub.

Check here for more info.

Super Group Camping

This unique camping option was introduced based on feedback from past festivalgoers. You can choose to camp with the sort of group that works for you. This is actually a great idea if you’re hitting the festival solo or traveling with a smaller group of friends but want to mix and mingle. You can meet new people and make sure you get to set up your tent nearby.

There are three themes to make sure everybody finds the right vibe for themselves.

There’s Firefly Females for girls who prefer to hang with other girls (and avoid sleeping near creepy dudes, most likely). There’s the option for Sober or Dry Camping for those who aren’t partaking of any alcohol during the weekend. And there’s a College Pride area where you can show off your university colors through your campsite decor. If you’re feeling particularly energetic, Firefly suggests coordinating meetups and challenging others to games in the North Campgrounds.

For $49 per person, this option gets you an 8’ x 8’ area (yes, per person) where you’ll set up all your camping gear and belongings. You’ll also get access to the shower facilities and The Hub for entertainment, ice, water, and phone-charging needs.

Click here for Super Group options.

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RV Camping

If you’re a pro at this camping thing and you’ve got your own RV, then Firefly has a spot for you. Maybe you’re traveling across the country stopping at festivals… or maybe your friends had the brilliant foresight to rent an RV and go big for Firefly – either way, kudos to you! Here’s how it works:

You can choose from General RV Camping for $299, which gets you a 20’ x 40’ spot for up to 8 people and one RV, plus access to The Hub and shower facilities. Be aware, this doesn’t get you access to power.

If you want to come early to make sure you’re located near the festival entrance and spend an extra night camping, opt for the Wednesday RV option. You’ll get a 25’ x 40’ spot for one RV and 8 people with access to The Hub, but you’ve gotta load in on Wednesday. It’s $499.

For the fancier RV spots, check out the Infield option for $999. You’ll get a 25’ x 45’ spacious spot for up to 8 people and one RV from Thursday to Monday. Upon entry, you’ll have an expedited check-in process too. Once you’re there, you’ll have RV power access and water hookups, plus shower fast passes and one free servicing of your RV waste. This location also gets you and your group access to the Infield Lounge.

Camping Upgrades & Extras

Firefly is also offering these things called Spruce Up Passes which are great if you’re not the biggest fan of camping or being dirty. For a little extra cash – $79 per person – a pass gets you access to one “Spruce Up Lounge” located in the campgrounds and one inside the festival.

You’ll get a fast pass to the showers, private bathrooms with AC, and the lounge with chairs, tables, mirrors, and power, plus a complimentary towel. Hey, it’s four nights of camping – it might just be worth it!

And if you need to rent your camping gear – including stuff like cooking stoves and rain covers – Firefly also has an option for that!

Check here for all the camping upgrades, including extra parking passes and shuttle transportation.

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