Okay, okay, so you’re not into camping. Maybe it’s the dirt and the dust. Maybe you like to shower every night. Maybe you’d like to sleep in a real bed and have running water and electricity at your disposal. Or maybe you’re just hoping to avoid, uh, well, the other campers.

If you’re sure we can’t change your mind, there are definitely hotels around as an alternative. You’ll want to book far in advance, however, because rooms are going to book up quickly. (They already are!) Be sure to keep travel times and traffic in mind too. And know that after a big day at the festival, driving back each night is gonna be rough, so be sure not to book anything too far away. For your own sake. We’re just trying to help.

FYI, Reddit has an entire subreddit dedicated to Firefly Music Festival where you can seek advice from old-timers and those who have done it. If it’s your first festival and you have questions, it’s worth taking a look for recommendations!

Hotel Options for Firefly Festival 2018 - TickPick

Yeah… not so many options left around Dover.

Booking a Hotel Nearby

If you’re in the market for a hotel, the folks at Firefly Music have set up a great little search engine site where you can pop in your dates, guests, and the number of rooms you require in order to search for the nearest hotel options to the festival. You can sort by distance, price, and savings.

Unsurprisingly, the hotels in Dover that are closest to the festival – about 1.5 miles away – are going to run you at least $300 per night. At the moment, you can also snag a special deal at the Smyrna Best Western around 7 miles away for $155 per night. After that, you’re looking at 18+ miles away for around $200 to $300.

Prices do start to drop as you get farther and farther out. But again, we wouldn’t recommend that if you’re driving back and forth to the festival each day. If you’re only going for a night or two – TickPick has passes for that! – then it could be a good idea for you!

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Surely there have to be more hotels in Dover and the nearby vicinity, right? Well, that’s the bad news… Lots of them are already all booked up.

When we performed a search on TripAdvisor for June 14th through June 17th, we found about 20 hotels that showed zero availability. The closest that they show with availability is about 16 miles out. Here’s another list of hotels with a map showing those close to the festival. Just to give you an idea, there are only three hotels left within a three-mile radius for these dates and they all cost at least $300 a night.

You may want to look into Airbnb for other options, like homes, apartments, and private rooms. Many of them advertise that they’re close to the Dover International Speedway where the festival is held. But again, if you’re going this route, book soon!

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Travel Packages

Firefly is also offering to put together Travel Packages for those festivalgoers who are interested in spending four nights in a hotel during the festival. Each package is meant for two people and comes with both your festival passes and accommodation included.

You can choose between two double beds or a king bed and whether you want General Admission, VIP, or Super VIP festival passes. (Keep in mind you must be 21 or older to check in to the hotel!)

The General Admission Travel Package costs $2,249 for two and includes your festival passes and accommodation. It doesn’t look like they’re revealing the name of the hotel you’ll be staying in, but they do say it’s “local.” If you do the math, those hotel rooms will end up costing you about $383 per night, so you may be able to find something cheaper than that on your own by purchasing festival passes and accommodation separately. By booking with Firefly, however, you’ll at least be sure you have a room nearby. You’ll still have to find your own way to the festival though.

If you choose the VIP Travel Package, you’ll get VIP festival passes for two, a hotel room for four nights at the Dover Downs Hotel-Casino (which is literally right next to the Dover International Speedway), and shuttle transportation between your hotel and the festival for the whole weekend. Now, that sounds a little more convenient! Plus you’ll get a welcome basket in your room. The total cost for the VIP Travel Package is $3,749.

As for the Super VIP Package, you’ll get four nights at the Dover Downs Hotel-Casino along with Super VIP passes, shuttle transportation to the festival, a welcome basket, and an “exclusive” Firefly branded gift. All that will cost you $7,649 for two people.

Read more here if you’re interested in Firefly Travel Packages.

Other Ideas

Another (cheaper) option that we gleaned from digging through the discussion on Reddit about Firefly is this: There are several RV and tent campsites nearby, presumably to serve the market of people who attend races at Dover International Speedway. Now, we realize this does you no good if you were trying to avoid camping altogether, but if you’re just trying to save some cash, here’s a list of campsites near the speedway that may be cheaper than camping at the actual festival.

More FireFly Music Festival information

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