During the weekend of Firefly Music Festival, you’ll basically be living outdoors for four days and nights. But that’s no reason to smell like it. Don’t be that guy everybody avoids standing beside during performances because you stink. Or that person who makes the tent a sort of smelly death chamber. Try to shower at least once… no matter how you go about it.

We’ll break down the shower situation at Firefly and tell you a bit about the bathrooms too. Here are a few tips for combating the sweat, dirt, and general nastiness of festival-ing 24/7 for the whole weekend.

Know What You’re Getting Into

As you’re (hopefully) aware, the toilets will be porta potties. They’ll have toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but it never hurts to have your own in case they run out toward the end of the day. Don’t get caught unprepared! If you’re VIP, glamping, or grab a Spruce Up Pass, you can use the somewhat fancier private toilet trailers – they’re flushable and everything!

Firefly has announced that there will be lines of bathrooms scattered around the campsites. Inside the festival, last year anyway, toilets were located near the stages and on either side of The Pathway.

As for getting clean, there will be several shower trailers in the campgrounds where you can shower privately, but be prepared to wait in line if you go during a busy time. In the past, they’ve had as many as seven shower stations.

While you might be preparing for the worst, most Firefly festivalgoers have commented that the bathroom situation in the festival is usually well-kept and clean. Others have gone in search of the mythical real bathrooms

Showers Cost Money, Timing Matters

If you’re camping and need to shower, head to The Hub. Showers cost $5… but kinda like Uber, they’ll cost more during “surge” hours. A shower is $10 during those times when most people are getting up and getting ready, from 8 AM to 11 AM. So remember that when you head to wash off and be sure to make it count!

If you’re worried about lines, try to head to the showers at off-times like early in the morning or late at night. Showers open at 6 AM but they close at 1 PM for a while. They open back up at 8 PM and then close for the night at 1 AM. Check out the shower hours and pricing here.

Grab a Spruce Up Pass

If you don’t mind dropping the extra $79, you can get one of Firelfy’s Spruce Up Passes for access to their private bathrooms and lounges in the campsite and in the festival. You’ll get AC, mirrors, couches, tables, and power. Plus a towel. This all sounds super refreshing. Could be a thought?!

Join the debate in the Firefly forums to decide whether a Spruce Up Pass is worth it for you or not!

Shower “Alternatives”

Baby wipes and dry shampoo. Know them, buy them, bring them.

Your camping mates will thank you for the purchase of a jumbo supply of baby wipes. Go ahead and add it to your packing list! They’re great for getting the dust and grime off of your face, taking with you to the bathroom, or giving yourself a bit of a “bird bath” in the mornings when you can’t take a real shower. Trust us, these are a lifesaver.

Dry shampoo is great for getting grease out of your hair and making you look a little fresher. Baby powder works as a cheaper alternative. Just sprinkle or spray on in your hair and scalp, rub it around, and shake it out. Nobody wants to shampoo and condition every day at a festival, so this stuff will keep your hair looking great… or at least presentable.

Are there any other bathroom, shower, or hygiene tips for festivals that we’ve forgotten?

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