Five reasons why you may have missed Ben Folds Five’s new album

It may have snuck under your radar, but after twelve years apart, Ben Folds has reunited with Ben Folds Five, and they’ve even released a new album. It’s called The Sound of the Life of the Mind. We know how it is: sometimes you can’t keep track of all the new music that’s out there. Next time someone asks you why you hadn’t heard of their new album until recently, use one of these surefire excuses:

5. “I was looking for a video on YouTube and I got stuck in a vortex of cute animal videos!”

4. “I got dumped and I’m taking it pretty badly.”

3. “It’s election season and I’m, like, really political and involved, so I’ve been busy.”

2. “I don’t know, I’m kind of into a cappella stuff now.”

1. “I’m still crying over Brick.”

Regardless, this album is out and it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. For their first music video back together, they decided to reunite another musical act as well: Fraggle Rock. Check out their collaborative video for ‘Do It Anyway’ below:

Through December, Ben Folds Five will be touring in Australia and the UK, but you can expect a stateside tour in 2013.

– Caroline

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