Flash SeatsWhat is Flash Seats? Flash Seats is a ticketing system that does something radical: it eliminates the need for tickets, at least in the usual way. The last time you went to a game, concert, or show, your experience probably went something like this: You bought tickets and either hard tickets were shipped to your address, or you were sent an email with e-tickets attached. Either way, you took a piece of paper to the venue, which was scanned at the gate, and you went to the event, never knowing that there might be a better way.

With Flash Seats, your credit card (or driver’s license) becomes your tickets. So, instead of scanning your tickets at the entrance, you swipe your credit card, which confirms your identity, the ticket scanner prints out paper vouchers for you that includes your seating information (so you’re able to freely go between your seats and the restrooms or concession stands without being stopped by an usher) and you go in.

Why would you ever use Flash Seats?

Quite simply, Flash Seats combines the ease of using electronic tickets with the security of using “hard” tickets (you kids may not remember this, but tickets used to be different than just a basic piece of paper and a barcode – see the picture on the right for an example of this).

E-tickets are loveable because tTicketshey allow anyone to purchase tickets from anywhere, download them, print them if they want, and head to the game. Unfortunately, the very nature of e-tickets makes them susceptible to fraud. Anything that you can print, you can re-print. This means that a fraudulent ticket seller could print six different copies of the same e-ticket and sell them outside of the venue, leaving all six of their “customers” stranded outside the venue.

To protect our customers against this type of fraud, TickPick ensures that every broker who sells tickets on our site goes through a screening process to verify that they have legitimate tickets and that there have never been any cases of fraud reported against them. On top of that, we have a 100% money-back guarantee on all tickets purchased through our site.

While Flash Seats allows you to transfer tickets from one person to another – this is how Flash Seats tickets are bought and sold on sites like TickPick – it is impossible to duplicate a Flash Seats ticket the way you can duplicate a normal e-ticket. By our estimates, using Flash Seats cuts down on 95% of all fraud that happens in the ticket industry.

How to use Flash Seats

Tickets for events at designated “Flash Seats” venues can be purchased directly from FlashSeats.com, most notably for QuickenLoans Arena in Cleveland, the Pepsi Center in Denver, and the Toyota Center in Houston. To be honest, the FlashSeats event interface is inadequate and far from user friendly. For example, here is screenshot of their event page for a  Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat game:

Flash Seats Buy Page

As you see there is no interactive seating chart or grading system like you would find on TickPick.

While purchasing tickets directly from Flash Seats may be difficult, and Flash Seats is very unclear as to how much they charge you in fees to purchase from their site, transferring tickets to different Flash Seats accounts is a breeze (and free). After purchasing tickets from TickPick for a Flash Seats venue, the following steps are taken:

  1. The seller uses Flash Seats’ patented technology to transfer the tickets to TickPick. 
  2. TickPick then uses that same technology to transfer the tickets to the email address you used at checkout. 
  3. After the tickets are transferred to your email address, TickPick will email you to notify you of the transfer. At around the same time, you will receive an email from Flash Seats to claim your tickets.
  4. You will then follow the link in the email from Flash Seats to set up an account, choosing to use either a credit card or driver’s license to act as your “ticket” to be scanned
  5. Upon arrival at the venue, the ticket scanner (at any entrance) scans said credit card or license, granting you access to the venue, and prints out a voucner verifying your seat location. 
  6. Keep the voucher on hand in case you need to show an usher what section you sit in, and you’re good to go!

We have created a short video outlining the process. And if you have any questions, or need help buying Flash Seats tickets, or any tickets for that matter, let us know in the comments, or shoot us an email at [email protected].

What Teams Use Flash Seats?

Flash Seats Reviews

The ticketing system itself is generally easy to use, especially since now you can download the app and scan tickets directly from there. However if you have an issue with the transfer of the tickets, the customer service at Flash Seats isn’t all that helpful. Unfortunately, many of the agents are not as knowledgeable as they should be, and the time it takes to have a request completed is far too long. If you buy your tickets through TickPick, in most cases our agents can walk you through any issues much quicker than Flash Seats can!

About TickPick:

Unlike other ticket sites, TickPick charges no fees, so the price you see is the price you pay. TickPick’s ticket prices were the lowest on more than 90% of the tickets that we searched and compared, and with TickPick, you get the same seats for 10% prices 10% cheaper than our major competitor. If you have any questions regarding your Flash Seats tickets, please feel free to submit a request here. You may also out our great selection of cheap, no fee tickets at TickPick.

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