Welcome to TickPick’s Florida Panthers Seating Chart. Here we will cover everything you need to know before purchasing Florida Panthers Tickets, including BB&T Center virtual and interactive in-seat views, row and seat numbers, best seats, and where you can find the same Florida Panthers seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.

Florida Panthers Seating Chart

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Note: Click on any listing for an event on our website or mobile app to see virtual in-seat views before purchasing tickets.  This season, TickPick is providing fans with its new patented and interactive system that gives the user a full, 360-degree in-seat view that they can utilize before picking their seats!

Florida Panthers Best Seats

Much like any sporting venue, the best seats at the BB&T Center are center ice, sections 117-119, 101-102 and 134. Please keep in mind the plexiglass height. If you are interested in any of these sections, we recommend purchasing seats for rows 10 and above to avoid sitting behind the plexiglass. However, there aren’t any bad or unobstructed seats in the entire arena.

If you cannot lock up tickets in the sections above, don’t worry! There are still plenty of good options left. Sections 206-210 and 240-244 are center ice, provide excellent center ice views, and you don’t have to worry about the possibility of the plexiglass obstructing your view. These are fantastic options for any fans.

If you’re looking for seats with a broader view of the action, sections 301-302, 317-319, and 334 are ideal.

Florida Panthers Premium Seating

Lexus Club: The Lexus Club is located center ice, behind both team benches in sections 101-102, and 134. Amenities include all inclusive food, beer, wine, and soda. Guests will also have access to a lavish club lounge, private arena entrance, and private restrooms.

Corona Beach House: The Corona Beach House is located behind the net where the Panthers defend twice in sections C6-C13. Ticket holders are provided complimentary food and drink, wider and more comfortable seats, access to the club lounge area with private restroom access, and private arena entrance.

Club Center and End: The Club Center and End is located in sections C1-C5 and C14-C35. Guests have the ability to purchase premium food and drink options. More importantly, fans have great views of the on ice action.

Lord Stanleys Loft: Lord Stanleys Loft is located behind the net the Panthers shoot twice in sections 328-330. Although it is located in the upper tiers, these affordable club sections offer all- inclusive food and drink and private restroom access.

Florida Panthers Team Bench and Scoring Zone

The Florida Panthers bench is located in front of section 102 and Lexus Club 102. The Visitor bench is located in front of section 134 and Lexus Club 134.

The Florida Panthers shoot twice towards the net in front of sections 125 and 127. The Penalty Box is located in front of section 118.

BB&T Center Reviews

We’re local hockey fans who have attended Florida Panthers games since the inaugural season at the Miami Arena. The BB&T Center is a nice venue. Lower bowl provides great views of all the action. The food and beers are a bit pricey, but decent. The production is fun, and the team plays a good game.” – via Tripadvisor

This place is phenomenal! We were in Miami for the weekend to watch the Monday Night Dolphin’s game and my boyfriend wanted something for us to do on Saturday night. He found the Florida Panthers game at the BB&T Center. He found really good seats for a good price, and me and my dad had never been to a professional hockey game, so why  not? The BB&T Center has lots of dedicated parking, which is a HUGE plus! The inside is so nice. They have lots of unique food options that I have not seen at this type of event and so many vendors that you don’t have to walk very far to find what you are looking for. This was a great, spur of the moment, experience!” – via Yelp

Handicapped & ADA Seating at BB&T Center

For those who are confined to a wheelchair and/or those looking to attend a game at BB&T Center with somebody who is, there is some important information that you’ll want to know. If you’re seeking ADA or handicapped seating, you’ll find that there are accessible rows at the top of most sections within the ballpark and spread throughout. If necessary, folding chairs will be provided with guests, such as ones looking to sit with a fan confined to a wheelchair. One trick you can use to filter tickets that are handicapped or ADA accessible is by using our “Additional filters +” button on the event page that allow you to select “ADA (wheelchair accessible),” which shows all seats that the seller has marked as handicapped seating.

How to Get Cheaper Florida Panthers Tickets

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