Foo Fighters Setlist | 2015 Sonic Highways World Tour Setlist Predictions

Foo Fighters Concerts

Foo Fighters didn’t just become the biggest band in the world by releasing hit song and after hit song. No, it was the band’s deep commitment to ensuring that every single ticket holder had an incredible time at their concert that elevated them to global superstars. This commitment has produced a well-oiled touring machine, one that delights thousands upon thousands of fans each year. As such, there are certain things we’ve come to expect from a Foo Fighters concert.

Set Lists

The first is a varied set list. Though the title “Sonic Highways World Tour” refers to their latest album, the tour is actually a celebration of the songs that have defined the band over their twenty year career, and fans can expect plenty of old favorites to be mixed in with tracks from the new album.

The second is a surprise or two. Recent concerts have featured covers of songs by bands such as KISS, The Rolling Stones, and Queen. These covers add freshness and spontaneity into the set list, with fans never sure to know which classic song the band will cover next.

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Hit Songs

But it’s not all surprises. Some songs are so good that they’re always guaranteed to get a crowd signing, and Foo Fighters have a lot of those songs. Fans can expect to hear all the hit songs that made them first fall in love with the band, such as Learn to Fly, Best of You, and Everlong.

Perhaps the best thing about a Foo Fighters concert is the way in which Dave and the rest of the band make every single person in the crowd feel at home, from the front row fanatic to the casual fan in the seats. In between songs there’ll be enough jokes, stories, and audience interactions to make you feel as if you’re at an intimate concert, and not a huge rock show.

Finally, you can expect to have fun. A Foo Fighters show is about singing along to your favorite songs, dancing with your friends, and losing yourself in the moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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What songs are you looking forward to hearing?

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