Global Citizen Festival 2015 Lineup and Ticket Info

Beyonce, one of the biggest touring acts in the world, has officially signed on to perform at Global Citizen Festival 2015, following the footsteps of her husband who headlined last year. Perhaps some of you have only heard about this festival in passing, through ads, or word of mouth. But this is hands down the biggest, free ticketed charity concert that takes place in the city all year. So how exactly do you land tickets to the Global Citizen Festival? Here’s a breakdown of what GCF 2015 is all about, this year’s lineup, and how to score Global Citizen Festival 2015 tickets—through good deeds—or otherwise.

Global Citizen Festival 2015: Where, When, and What

The Global Citizen Festival will take place on the Great Lawn, in New York City’s Central Park, on Saturday, September 26th. The gates for the festival officially open at 12PM, with performances slated to begin at 3PM. We suggest getting there early. Last year, the seating worked on a first come first serve basis, with each section being permanently closed off as audience members filled it. So, if you don’t want to get stuck in mid field, get there early to brave the lines for the front. Also, last year the mayor prohibited the sale of alcohol. We’re not sure if this will be the case for Global Citizen Festival 2015, but we would plan accordingly just in case.

Global Citizen Festival

The Global Citizen Festival is a charity event. Each musician performing at the festival will perform for free, the consequent proceeds going to the Global Poverty Project. And what is the Global Poverty Project? It’s the international initiative to end world poverty by 2030. For a goal this big, it makes sense that their annual fundraising effort is consistently epic in its nature. Past Global Citizen Festival performers include: Jay-Z (who may make a surprise appearance like his wife did last year), Carrie Underwood, Foo Fighters, and Fun.

You have one month to become eligible to enter the lottery for Global Citizen Festival tickets. It’s widespread knowledge that the Global Citizen Festival is a “free ticketed event”. And even though this sounds like a contradiction, it isn’t.

How To Win Global Citizen Festival Tickets

When you go to the official Global Citizen website, there is a link where you are directed to “earn tickets“. This is the best way to put it. Because Global Citizen Festival is first and foremost a charity event, and not just a superstar stacked concert, the only way to be entered into the drawing for free tickets is through action. The “earn tickets” page leads you through a series of steps to be entered into the drawing. And what sort of tasks will earn you points? Nothing too demanding. You may have to watch a YouTube video about the world education mission, or sign a petition granting more money to international vaccinations, or tweet to advocate for clean water. So while you’re on your way to winning Global Citizen Festival tickets, you’re also contributing to the cause. It’s a win/win for everyone!

Each charitable action via the Global Citizen website earns you a predetermined number of points. In order to enter the drawing for Global Citizen Festival tickets, you will need to accumulate 8 points. There will be six separate draws and 48,000 tickets awarded over the summer leading up to the festival on September 26th, and each person can enter the drawing up to five times (each entry requires 8 new points). So, in our opinion, your chances of winning a pair of Global Citizen Festival tickets are pretty high, or at least high enough to try in the first place. Already convinced and ready to get involved? Get started now! But remember to login to Global Citizen to redeem your points for action.

UPDATE: This year, the festival is offering special “Days of Action”, where bonus rewards such as tickets, VIP tickets, festival merch, and artist meet & greets will be offered to those who enter on those days. The listed “Days of Action” are: July 10th, July 15th, August 5th, August 19th, September 2nd, and September 16th.

Global Citizen Festival VIP Tickets

Though the majority of Global Citizen Festival tickets are being distributed through the lottery, there will be a number of VIP tickets sold through Ticketmaster. From what we can see, there are 3 VIP Ticket Packages: Global VIP, Premium Global VIP, and Ultimate Global VIP. These three packages are each a bit different from each other, the Ultimate Global package being the only one with backstage access, open bar, and catering privileges. Citi Card members will have priority access to certain packages.

As of now, Global Citizen Festival VIP tickets are only being sold through Ticketmaster, and GA tickets can only be earned through the Global Citizen website. And even though Global Citizen has a strict policy on their tickets being sold on secondary marketplaces such as ours, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw tickets appear as the festival draws near. But because the process to acquiring Global Citizen Festival 2015 tickets is an easy and charitable one, we suggest using the point system. 

Global Citizen Festival 2015: The Lineup

Every year, Global Citizen enlists the best of the best to help raise awareness for their cause. This year, the party to end poverty continues with this incredible lineup: Pearl Jam, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay. As you can see, they really raised the level of talent this year. Global Citizen has landed the best in the industry, with many of the musicians having charity projects of their own. Chime for Change, Beyonce’s campaign to raise awareness for women and girls around the world in promotion of Education and Health, is partnered with Global Citizen this year. Chris Martin stands as the official curator for the festival’s talent from now until 2030, meaning, this festival is obviously close to his heart. And why wouldn’t it be? Global Citizen has raised over 18 billion dollars since their beginning efforts in 2012. If this can be achieved in just three years, think about what could happen—or change—by 2030.

Pearl Jam Headling Global Citizens Festival

When considering the fan base of each artist contributing to the Global Citizen Festival lineup, it’s clear that the Global Poverty Project knows what they’re doing when it comes to raising money, and awareness, for their cause. Still on the fence about earning tickets to Global Citizen Festival 2015? We say do it.  Prize draws will be held on: July 29th, August 13th & 27th, and September 10th, 17th, & 21st. So login and start making your way to change, and possibly a pair of Global Citizen Festival tickets.

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