Gorillaz Release ‘Hallelujah Money’ from Forthcoming Album

A day before President Elect Trump became the 45th President of the United States, the Gorillaz, who hadn’t released any new music in almost six years, made a heroic return with “Hallelujah Money“, the first track we’ve been given from their forthcoming record. The song features U.K singer/songwriter Benjamin Clementine, whose voice is perfect for the dark, political undertones of “Hallelujah Money”. The track came with a trippy video that is similar to Gorillaz’ visual style, each image being carefully chosen to further illustrate the emotional content and registers of the song. “Hallelujah Money” was released with the following tweet, most likely penned by Damon Albarn, one of the band’s original creators.


“Hallelujah Money”, which arrived promptly on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, is a pointed rebuttal of the President’s fear-mongering policies and inflammatory rhetoric. The video begins with Clementine in Trump Tower as he croons about corporate greed and the like in an incredibly compelling manner. The chorus, sung by Albarn himself, is a moving reflection on how to maintain our humanity during these times. He sings, “When the morning comes, we are still human. How will we know? How will we dream? How will we love?”

GorillazThe track swells near its conclusion, becoming more beautiful and terrifying by the second. The visuals behind Clementine become the image of a swinging Liberty Bell in a red, white and blue palette—a pretty direct reference to America. Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn, and Benjamin Clementine ended the video on a slightly humorous note by using a clip from Spongebob Squarepants, but don’t let the very end distract you: “Hallelujah Money” deserves to be taken seriously.

Gorillaz, famous for the incorporation of allegory in their music and accompanying visual art, have plenty of material from this past year of politics and global frustration. We wouldn’t be surprised if their forthcoming album is their best. Check back for more information regarding the new Gorillaz album, which will definitely come out this year, and in the mean time, feast your eyes on “Hallelujah Money“:


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