Gorillaz Tease New Album and Debut ‘The Book of Noodle’

It’s been six years since the world’s first virtual hip-hop group released their fourth LP Plastic Beach, but after taking the next installment of Noodle’s story to Twitter, it seems that we can start gearing up for the Gorillaz to debut their fifth studio album.


After a six year long hiatus, The Book of Noodle has been posted to Twitter in the form of a serial short story, detailing Noodle’s journey after the events described in Plastic BeachNoodle, for those of you who don’t know, is the animated guitarist for the Gorillaz, and also the story’s main protagonist. When we last saw Noodle, she was drifting, on her way to “Plastic Beach”, but never quite made it there. The Book of Noodle picks up on this very mystery and details her misadventures along the way. And from what we can tell, such adventures include defeating an evil shapeshifter, escaping fro Sumo bodyguards, and disguising herself as a geisha, all of which are detailed through 12 trippy installments paired with Hewlett’s incredible visuals.

We’re happy to see the pair of Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett back together again, especially after rumors back in 2012 led us to believe that the Gorillaz wouldn’t be brought to life through Hewlett’s anime-inspired visuals any longer. But now that this new multimedia story has been published ahead of the Gorillaz’ next album release, we can rest assured that the band is still uniquely inspired as ever. You can check out The Book of Noodle, in mini chapters, on the band’s Twitter.


After scouring the internet for the upcoming album release date, it seems that the closest we could find is early 2017, hopefully by March. Our guess is that most of the music has been written and recorded already, as Albarn has been teasing the next Gorillaz album for the past few years. In regards to guest stars on the album, Snoop Dogg and De La Soul have been confirmed, but we’re waiting on more cameos to surface before the end of 2016.

We hope the Gorillaz decide to play a few shows in the upcoming months to debut The Book of Noodle. Check back for tour information, an album release date, and more news surrounding one of the world’s most innovative music projects.

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