It’s official: Just four years after their 2012 record Tre!, Green Day will release their twelfth studio album on October 7th. The new record, titled Revolution Radiois the first album we’ve seen from the band in four years, since the release of their trilogy and the rehabilitation of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. According to a few sources, the new record is reminiscent of their earlier albums and is politically inspired, similarly to the band’s most famous record American Idiot. Green Day’s first new single, “Bang Bang”, was said to be inspired by the “culture of mass shootings in America”. Check it out below.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bille Joe Armstrong confirmed that upcoming Green Day tour dates will be announced sometime soon, finally putting an end to their touring hiatus. Armstrong is especially anxious to hit the road again because it’ll be the final step to recovering from that epic meltdown on the iHeartRadio stage back in 2012. We’re pretty excited to see what America’s favorite post-punk band has in store for their upcoming record Revolution Radio and supporting tour. And hopefully we can count on Green Day to help revitalize mainstream American rock music.

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