Greta Van Fleet Preview Debut LP With Another New Song

Classic, revivalist rockers Greta Van Fleet continue to ride their wave of rising fandom energy, all while dressed in vintage clothing hand-picked by their Grandma Lillian. Having performed in bars since the age of 12, frontman Josh Kiszka’s ambitious screeches and howls have aged to perfection, a big component of the band’s hard rock edge. There is nothing sweet or soft going on with Greta Van Fleet, whose main desire is to make American rock and roll relevant again.

It’s clear to anyone who listens to Greta Van Fleet that there hasn’t been anything like them since the bands they are oft compared to, mainly Guns and Roses, and Led Zeppelin, whose lead singer Robert Plant even attested to Josh Kiszka’s voice being the real deal. So far, Greta Van Fleet have a couple of EPs behind them, Black Smoke Rising and From the Fires. 

But their long-awaited LP Anthem of the Peaceful Army will finally be out October 19th. The album’s lead single, “When the Curtain Falls“, was followed by “Watching Over“, and now, “Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)“. Featuring Josh Kiszka’s velvety howl, crunchy guitars, and anthemic pacing, “Lover, Leaver” falls in line with what we’ve seen of the Greta Van Fleet catalog thus far. Check out the new song below.


Greta Van Fleet are currently touring North America through the beginning of 2019; their next tour date is September 28th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Members of the band have spoken to Rolling Stone about the experience of this tour, their first of this size. “The bigger the crowds, the more wacky things get,” bassist-keyboardist Sam Kiszka reflected. “The energy right now is on fire.”

After Greta Van Fleet release their debut LP Anthem of the Peaceful Armyan album more likely to succeed than not, we think it’ll become rapidly difficult to see them live. Don’t snooze on buying Greta Van Fleet tickets while this band is still playing to small crowds.

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