2015 Hilary Duff Tour | Will Hilary Duff Tour in 2015?

Will Lizzie McGuire Hillary Duff tour in 2015? It’s been twelve years since fans last got to see the pop star perform live on her 2007-2008 Dignity Tour, and now with her new album out and selling well, Duffers (Hilariats? HiDuffies? Whatever fans of Hilary Duff call themselves . . .) are itching to see the pop star on tour once again. So, will Hilary Duff tour to promote her new album? And if so, when? Read on to find out why we think fans hoping for a 2015 tour, shouldn’t get to excited just yet.

Hilary Duff’s New Album

Every time a young girl who became famous at a young age becomes a teenager and begins to develop a more sexualized image, the tabloids like to shockingly proclaim that she is “all grown up”. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and the Olsen twins are textbook examples. This time, though, Hilary Duff, the loveable star of Disney Channel’s hit series Lizzie McGuire, is literally all grown up. As in she’s legally an adult, has been married, (and divorced), and has a kid. And now, more than ten years after she last released original music, a brand new album!

Her new album, Breathe In, Breathe Out, attempts to fuse the deeper, more reflective adult that Duff has become, with the hyper-sexualized, over-produced pop hits that will guarantee radio play. In an interview, with the LA Times, Duff revealed that many of the tracks on Breathe In, Breathe Out are about her failed marriage to NHL player Mike Comrie, and in that sense, the album is a major departure from her previous work, whose songs, it’s hard to imagine hold any resemblance to Duff’s real life. “Chasing the Sun,” for example, portrays Duff as a beleaguered office worker who yearns for a sunny beach vacation, nevermind the fact that the pop star probably hasn’t worked in an office a day in her life:

At the same time, her most successful single to date, “Sparks,” is very much not about her divorce from her ex-husband, and was so obviously tailor-made to go viral and achieve chart success, it hurts:

The viral promotion for the video began when Duff joined Tinder. A brilliant move by Duff’s marketing team, the buzz generated from the news that a celebrity joined the dating platform (celebs – they’re just like us!) thrust the once and future pop star back into the limelight. Her Tinder dates became the basis for the “Sparks” video, which simultaneously made her seem down to earth and hip, and also insincere and overly-produced. If you don’t think the seemingly ‘real-life’ scenes where Duff is poring over Tinder profiles with her friends (while Duff looks absolutely fabulous the whole time, and the entire scene is lit perfectly) wasn’t paid for by Tinder, you’re depressingly naïve.

While the Tinder story went viral (as it was meant to) and became the talking point for every radio and television appearance she made to promote the album, the message didn’t resonate with fans the way it was supposed to, as seen from this comment on the music video, which gained a whopping thirteen-hundred thumbs ups on YouTube.

Hilary Duff 'Sparks' Music Video Comment

To give Duff and her team credit, Breathe In, Breathe Out doesn’t come across as a few singles filled with fluff and packaged as an album, and that’s an important point. In a world where artists tend to make more money off one popular single that gets played on the radio and streamed online than from album sales, how an album was constructed is always a question. Did the record company produce a hit, and then fill in enough mediocre songs to create an album? Or was every song picked because it added something to the greater work?

Will Hilary Duff Tour in 2015?

Pre album-release, the question of Hilary Diff touring this year all hinged on the album’s success. After the album hit #1 on iTunes, I think it’s almost guaranteed that the singer will continue to put herself in the limelight and the public’s consciousness by touring.

You don’t just come back from near-anonymity, do one album, and then disappear.

That being said, there are some good reasons, we may not get to see the pop star perform live this year. Firstly, her son. Luca is still very young, and I can imagine how difficult it would be for any parent to be gone from their kid for possibly weeks at a time. That said, Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to do just fine touring and taking care of Blue Ivy, and Duff isn’t alone – she shares joint custody of Luca with her ex-husband.

Secondly, Duff recently joined the cast of TV Land’s hit comedy, Younger, where she plays Kelsey Peters, who has no idea that the co-worker she takes under her wing is actually 40, not 26. Unless she was willing to give up the show (and she stated in an interview that she wanted to continue to pursue both acting and creating music), she would have to find a way to tour in the show’s off-season. Most television shows are filmed between November and April, and if this is true for Younger, that pretty much leaves summer as the only option for a tour, and we’re already almost halfway through this summer with no tour announcement in sight. Is next summer too long to wait for a tour or last-minute announcement in the works?

Did Hilary Duff Already Have Set Tour Dates? | ‘Summernight Memories’ Tour Dates

In my research for this post, I stumbled upon the following information from Hilary Duff’s Tours Page on Wikipedia:

HIlary Duff Midnight Memories Tour Dates

Notice anything odd? Wikipedia lists the tour as starting on July 27, 2015! That’s only a month away. The upcoming tour is called ‘Summernight Memories’, but after extensive research, there has been no mention from Hilary Duff or anyone on her team that dates for a 2015 tour have already been set.

This, of course, begs the question – is it another Wikipedia hoax? Let’s examine the evidence.

If it’s legit, it’s probably from someone deep inside Duff’s camp, and therefore makes me think that any ‘leaks’ would be a promotion strategy to generate buzz for the tour, and I have to say – posting something on Wikipedia is a really weird (and ineffective) way to generate buzz.

If it’s fake though, that means it was most likely put up by some prankster looking for a good laugh . . . which doesn’t make sense either. Why would anyone go through all the trouble to add very detailed tour information on a page that maybe 10 people are looking at, when it’s so much easier to change the King of France in the 14th century to Arnold van Poopenstein?

I’m personally inclined to believe that the listed tour dates are legit.They’re just too detailed and fit too perfectly into what would logically expect if Duff was going to tour this year to not be real. At the same time, you never know. Here is the complete list of tour dates from Wikipedia, in case you’re interested:

Inglewood, California

July 27, 2015

The Forum

San Francisco, California

July 28, 2015

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Anaheim, California

July 30, 2015

Honda Center

Vancouver, Canada

August 2, 2015

Rogers Arena

Seattle, Washington

August 4, 2015

Key Arena

Ottawa, Canada

August 8, 2015

Canadian Tire Centre

Toronto, Canada

August 9, 2015

Molson Amphitheatre

Winnipeg, Canada

August 11, 2015

MTS Centre

Edmonton, Canada

August 13, 2015

Rexall Place

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

August 16, 2015

UW–Milwaukee Panther Arena


August 18, 2015

United Center

Detroit, Michigan

August 19, 2015

Joe Louis Arena

New York, New York

August 22, 2015

Madison Square Garden

Baltimore, Maryland

August 24, 2015

Royal Farms Arena

Nashville, Tennessee

August 27, 2015

Bridgestone Arena

Louisville, Kentucky

August 28, 2015

Freedom Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

September 5, 2015

Philips Arena

Memphis, Tennessee

September 6, 2015

Memphis Pyramid

Dallas, Texas

September 9, 2015

American Airlines Center

Denver, Colorado

September 11, 2015

Pepsi Center

Honolulu, Hawaii

September 13, 2015

Neal S. Blaisdell Center

Salt Lake City, Utah

September 17, 2015

Energy Solutions Arena

What do you think? Will Hilary Duff tour in 2015? If so, where would you like to see her perform? Let us know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “2015 Hilary Duff Tour | Will Hilary Duff Tour in 2015?”

  1. There’s all kinds of mess wrong with this article – she last released music in 2009 and her last album in 2007 – which is hardly “more than ten years”. Sparks certainly can’t be considered her most successful single – in fact, so far it’s found very little chart success. As far as touring, Hilary said she’s considering it for next year after the show has completed filming its second season… which a simple Wikipedia search could’ve told you.

      • Not really… It barely got into the hot 100. Chasing the Sun and All About You didn’t do much better in the US, but at least All About You was a top 20 hit in Australia and was certified gold.


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