How Big of a New England Patriots Hater Are You?

There have been some unsavory things said about the New England Patriots over the years — some of them unfounded, some of them with some evidence (somewhere out there, at least. We think. Think about the Spygate tapes).   But one of the hot take NFL topics of the past few months has been the whole Deflategate saga that may never truly be put to rest.  Tom Brady and his legal team have met with the NFL and Roger Goodell multiple times over recent months in an attempt to reduce the four-game suspension slapped on him by the commissioner.

These transgressions have further drawn the line in the sand between Patriots haters and fans alike.  The haters may believe that the Pats’ incredibly successful run that began in 2001 when Tom Brady took over under center is tainted by these scandals.  Patriots fans, well, they point to their team’s four Super Bowl rings and let them drown out the noise.

Using some of this knowledge, we have created a concise algorithm that determines just how big a Patriots hater (or fan, for that matter) you NFL fans are.  Take the quick quiz below and let us know how you feel!

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