How Do Pod Seats Work at Venues?

2020 has been a strange year for the world, and the live events sector has been impacted as much as nearly any other. As arenas, stadiums, leagues, and artists around the country have worked to get fans back out to live music, live sports, and all other indoor and outdoor performances for those incredible in-person experiences, the concept of improved safety measures like Pod Seating have been born.

In this blog, we address some of the major questions that fans looking to attend live events in the year 2020 and early 2021 may have.

What are Pod Seats and How Does Reduced Capacity Seating Work?

While each venue may be different, seating will typically be arranged in socially-distant clusters or “pods” of groups of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. that help patrons maintain the recommended distance between other groups, as based on government health and safety guidelines. This is so you and the friends or family in your party come into minimal contact with other attendees at the event in their seating area. This is made possible by the venues limited the capacity to well below the standard packed house that many have grown accustomed to, so all tickets for a given “pod” can only be shared with the people in your space with whom you chose to attend the event.

What Events Have Pod Seating?

Many major venues around the U.S. have implemented Pod Seating for live events since venues started allowing fans to attend events again. Sports leagues like the NFL, MLS, and NASCAR have allowed fans in cities in which local laws allow them, and the NBA will soon follow, as its season begins on December 22nd.

How Can I Buy Pod Seating Tickets?

Buying Pod tickets is fairly simple, if not straightforward. Both primary ticket sites like Tickermaster and secondary marketplaces like TickPick will show specific groups of tickets available on their seat maps, which represent the Pods that you can select. You can also simply use the ticket site’s quantity filter to see Pods that will have the number of seats that you’re looking for together, which as previously mentioned, will be safe and socially-distant from any other fans in attendance within their own Pods. Keep in mind that you cannot break up the amount of seats within any Pod, and it’s an all-or-nothing group of seats that need to be purchased altogether.

What If I’m Seated With Other People That I Didn’t Come With?

If you’re grouped together with people not in your party, please contact the venue staff for further assistance. 

Can I Sell Pod Seating Tickets?

Yes! Please note that if you want to list your tickets for resale, you must list all of the tickets in your seat pod together as a group. This means, for instance, that if you purchased a pod of four (4) tickets, all four of the tickets will need to be listed without splitting the quantities up (you’ll also need to select “all or nothing” as the listing option so if they sold, they’d all sell as a group). We can’t allow partial seat group listings because only people who have chosen to attend the event together can share a pod. For questions on how to list your pod’s tickets, please read this article.

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