The Masters Tournament is one of the most prestigious tournaments in all of sports and is by far the America’s biggest annual PGA Tour event. Held annually in early April in Augusta, GA at the Augusta National Golf Course, it features the best golfers in the world who play for the biggest cash prize of the year in the sport, as well as the prestigious green jacket that goes to the winner.

Fans will travel from all around the world to catch their favorite golfer in action at one the world’s most famous professional golf courses, which always makes this a highly anticipated event.

When is the 2021 Masters Golf Tournament?

The 2021 Masters Tournament will begin on Monday, April 5th and will conclude on Sunday, April 11th. 

Monday through Wednesday will be the practice rounds, while Thursday through Sunday will be when the actual tournament play takes place. 

Will Fans Be Allowed to Attend The Masters in 2021?

While the 2020 Masters were postponed until November of last year and didn’t allow any fan attendance due to Covid-19, tournament and PGA officials have announced that they do plan to allow a limited number of spectators in Augusta this April for the 2021 Masters Tournament.

It’s likely that there will be some newly added safety protocols in place in order to allow this to happen, such as social distancing and required mask wearing that will make this year’s Masters experience a bit different, but it’s safe to assume that some golf fans will be on the venue grounds. While we don’t yet have exact capacity figures to share, we’ll update this blog with those attendance numbers once they’re confirmed. 

How to Buy Tickets to the Masters Golf Tournament

A major spring event like The Masters will always carry an extremely high demand for tickets to catch the world’s best PGA golfers in person, and that will be more true than ever in 2021, given there will be an even more limited amount of Masters tickets to go around. There are a few ways in which fans can secure tickets directly through the venue, though it’s certainly not easy. They are as follows:

Apply For Masters Golf Tournament Tickets Directly Through Their Site

The Masters allows fans to apply for both practice round tickets as well as daily tournament tickets. Keep in mind that there are often an extremely high number of tournament badge applicants who subscribe for the ability to purchase these tickets, so your chances of actually being able to obtain a ticket this way are very slim.

Tickets for are almost always sold out for buyers interesting in securing them at face value, but you should always look to apply for Masters badges as soon as registration is open. Keep in mind that if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase tickets this way at face value, that tournament tickets and practice rounds tickets don’t get mailed out until around five weeks prior to the start of the Masters Golf Tournament.

Secondary Market For Masters Tickets

The only reasonable option for most golf fans these days to turn to in order to secure their Masters tickets is to purchase them from ticket brokers who list their Masters Tournament badges for sale, which is allowable by the venue and the only type of Masters ticket that can be secured without getting incredibly lucky with the application process.

Those golf fans willing to pay the highly expensive prices for Masters tickets would want to always check out TickPick for no-fee Masters tickets on the secondary market, as TickPick’s prices never include any service fees, which saves you 10% on your ticket purchase over our major competitor. 

Buying Masters Tickets from Sellers Near the Course 

If you’re looking to buy a badge to The Masters, you’ll want to keep in mind that the course officials are extremely strict about buyers staying no less than 2,700 feet (a shade over .5 miles) away from the course until you’ve actually secured tickets to be allowed within these boundaries.

We would always recommend against buying from a person on site, as there’s no guarantee that the tickets or passes will be valid like they would be 100% if you purchased them through a trusted secondary ticket marketplace like TickPick.

How Are Masters Badges Delivered? 

If you were lucky enough to win the right to purchase a Masters badge directly through the tournament’s raffle, you’ll receive a plastic badge with a lanyard that you’ll need to carry on your person in order to be admitted onto the course grounds. 

If you buy your Masters badge through a secondary ticket marketplace or broker off site, bear in mind that these badges are for the entirety of the tournament and many sellers will require that you must return the badge after the end of that day’s practice or tournament round so that the person using the badge for the next day’s round may pick them up from the seller in time for the start of the next day’s round that is usually extremely early in the morning. 

Also note that there are often financial penalties for buyers who do not return their Masters badge by the due drop-off time, and it’s standard procedure for their card to be charged for the cost of the rest of the tournament and then some. As long as you simply drop the badge back off at the designated area after the end of your round, you’ll have nothing to worry about. 

Why Should I Buy 2021 Masters Tickets Through TickPick?

In short, securing your Masters Tournament tickets through TickPick over any other secondary marketplace is a way to save money because our no-fee pricing structure makes a much bigger difference on the total price of tickets as get-in prices for an event like this get higher.

TickPick has had an extreme increase in sales for major events like the Super Bowl and The Masters in recent years because fans out there tend to do plenty of research when they’re willing to commit thousands of dollars to witness the world’s best golfers on the game’s biggest stage.

How to Sell Your Tickets to The Masters Golf Tournament

Looking to sell your Masters badge? Users can use TickPick’s seller platform to list your badge for sale.

Other Important Masters Information & FAQ

As of 2017, the Masters has implemented a rule that allows a maximum of three (3) entries per day, so keep in mind that if you’re looking to take a break here and there during these long days of action, you’re only allowed reentry twice after initially entering the grounds. This applies to tournament rounds, practice rounds, and drive, chip, and putt finals.

Masters Tournament 2021 Parking

For a parking map to the Masters Tournament, click here

How to Get Cheaper Masters Golf Tournament Tickets

Most other ticket marketplaces charge high service fees in addition to the listed price, but not TickPick. Here at TickPick we have no service fees, making us your source for cheaper Masters tickets on the secondary market at prices 10% better than our largest competitor. If you have any questions regarding Masters tickets, feel free to call us at 845-538-4567 or contact us by email at [email protected]

Masters Golf Tournament 2021 Schedule

Masters Golf Tournament - Practice Round
Masters Golf Tournament - Practice Round
Masters Golf Tournament - Practice Round
Masters Golf Tournament - 4 Day Competition Pass
Masters Golf Tournament - Thursday Competition
Masters Golf Tournament - Friday Competition
Masters Golf Tournament - Saturday Competition
Masters Golf Tournament - Sunday Competition
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