The 2015 Final Four is looking to be the most expensive ticket in NCAA Men’s basketball history. All four programs participating have strong fan bases in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Duke. These teams are all within 350 miles of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, except for the Duke Blue Devils, who are still only about 600 miles away. Throw in the fact that the Kentucky Wildcats are going for the first perfect season since the 1970s plus their fans are among the best in college basketball and you have receipt for sky-high ticket prices. The question now becomes, when is the best time to Buy the Cheapest Final Four Tickets?

That is a questions that really doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Take a look at the graphic created over at Tixers which looks at the historical prices of the Final Four:

How to Buy Cheap Final Four Ticket Prices

Now before I go any further, historical data is the best way to forecast the future BUT if you are in the finance world you know that past performance does not predict future returns. So lets take a look at some common trends here:

  • Ticket prices decreased leading up to the Final in each of the last 5 years except for 2013, the year which featured Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse, and Wichita State.
  • Ticket prices the day before the Final Four has been the cheapest day to purchase 3 of the last 4 years.
  • In most years (including 2015) there is a spike after the Elite Eight spits out the Final Four teams, which leads to fans rushing to secure tickets.

So based on the past five years, logic says to wait to purchase your tickets to the Final Four until a few days before (if you need a better idea on the Final Four Seating Chart check that link) However, these are historic prices that we are seeing this year, which makes using data from the past few years less helpful. We saw something similar occur for the largest event in the United States this year with Super Bowl 49.

Historical Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Demand for Super Bowl 49 was driven by the proximity of the Seahawks to Arizona, along with the fact they were trying to repeat as Champs, which are similar circumstances that we have with the 2015 Final Four. So the question remains, will we see ticket prices continue to climb? That remains to be seen, but if it were me, I would wait another day or two to make my purchase since inventory levels remain high. We will continue to update this post leading up the Final Four. And of course, you can secure Cheap Final Four Tickets here.


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