How to Get Cheap Ariana Grande Tickets | 2016-2017 Tour

3131Ariana Grande’s popularity is growing by the day with her appearances on late night shows like Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. Now Ariana is using that momentum to promote her new album Dangerous Woman. A new album means an Ariana Grande concert tour will follow. Although the details have not been finalized, we can confirm that Ariana Grande will tour in the US starting at the end of 2016 and continue into 2017.

So, when do Ariana Grande tickets go on sale and how can you get them cheap?

How to Get Cheap Ariana Grande Tickets

Currently, the best way to get cheap Ariana Grande tickets is to purchase her album. By getting her album by 5/26 you will receive pre-sale access to the 2016-2017 Dangerous Woman Tour.

After the tour has officially been announced, we will have much more details on Ariana Grande presale times and codes, and well as the general on sale times.

The Ariana Grande Concerts Sold Out, Now What?

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