How to get into Hamilton – The $2,700 Question

The Hamilton phenomenon is like nothing we’ve ever seen before on Broadway. Tickets to the musical on the secondary market are already commanding top dollar, but news that it won  11 Tony awards, including best musical, and that the show’s star and mastermind will be leaving the show next month, have propelled prices to new heights.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is reportedly making his final performance on July 9th, but those $12,000 prices you’ve been hearing about are not what they seem.  Average ticket prices for Miranda’s final week of performances are up about 42% to $2,700.  And if you want to see his final performance, get ready to fork over an average of more than $3,100, which would be the most expensive single performance in Broadway history!

But, as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. If you want to see the original cast, here are some of the best ways to save:

  • Everybody’s working for the weekend!
    • People are willing to travel across the country to see Hamilton. That means higher prices for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday shows. Check out those midweek performances and you’ll likely find some less expensive options.
  • Just a little patience.         
    • Theater-goers like to plan their evenings in advance so they can make dinner reservations and other plans. If you’re willing to wait to buy Hamilton tickets until the day of the event, you will give yourself a better opportunity to save.
  • Alert! Alert! Alert!            
    • Set price alerts based on seat location. If ticket prices drop into your range a push notification will immediately let you know.
  • Going once…
    • Bidding systems allow sellers of Hamilton tickets to see what you are willing to pay. If they decide your offer is fair, they can accept your bid and sell their tickets to you at your asking price.
  • The fees are in the details
    • Look for services that don’t charges service fees on ticket buyers.  Those 10-15% in extra charges means hundreds of dollars in savings when it comes to Hamilton tickets.


If you really want to see Hamilton, but you’re less concerned about seeing the original cast, you are in luck, since we expect prices to come down significantly once Miranda’s run is over. So take your time and keep an eye on the market before buying tickets to a performance after July 9th.

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