How to Get the Cheapest WrestleMania Tickets

Wrestlemania is the biggest WWE event of the year. This annual pay-per-view is both the culmination of all of World Wrestling Entertainment’s major storylines from the past year as well as the beginning of new arcs for each different WWE superstar for the year that follows. This includes a changing of hands for many of the major WWE Championship belts during major wrestling matches.

WrestleMania XXXVII will be taking place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, FL after it was moved from Tampa – where it was originally scheduled in 2020 – to Orlando, where no fans were allowed to attend due to Covid-19.

Wrestlemania 37 itself was originally scheduled to take place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, but has since been moved to Tampa so fans in the Sunshine State will have to opportunity to catch all of their favorite professional wrestlers in action at this year’s Wrestlemania event. 

If you’re looking to secure a seat to the year’s biggest WWE event, be sure to check out our detailed WrestleMania 37 interactive seating chart!

Fans can expect tickets for this year’s WrestleMania to be in huge demand, and WWE fans have been well known to travel from far and wide to attend this bucket list event, which prompts the question: how can I get cheaper WWE WrestleMania tickets?


When Is Wrestlemania 37?

Wrestlemania 37 will begin on Saturday, April 10th and continue on Sunday, April 11th in what’s being billed as a two-night event for the first time in WWE history. The event will begin at 7 pm on each night. 

Will Wrestlemania 37 Have Fans?

Fans will be allowed to attend Wrestlemania 37 after missing out on the event in 2020. Recent reports suggest that the WWE is pushing to allow 45,000 fans into Raymond James Stadium for each night’s event after the NFL successful held the Super Bowl in the same venue just a few months earlier with roughly 22,000 fans in attendance. 

WWE will work with the venue to ensure fan safety by measures like requiring that masks be worn at all times while fans aren’t eating or drinking and that fans are safely socially-distanced by seating groups of fans that came together within pods.

What is the Main Event for Wrestlemania 37?

While we don’t yet know the announced main event at Wrestlemania 37, we’ll be sure to post that match information in here as soon as it’s announced!

When Do Wrestlemania Tickets Go On Sale?

Wrestlemania individual tickets and group tickets go on sale on Tuesday, March 16th. If you go this route, we recommend reading up on how to quickly buy tickets on Ticketmaster.

Fans looking to get access to the Wrestlemania ticket presale can sign up for it here.

We always recommend following artists and the local venue’s social media pages and signing up for their newsletters in order to get the most up-to-date information, though be aware that presales and ticket release dates may vary and are subject to change.

How To Get Cheaper Wrestlemania Tickets

With this being the biggest event of the year by far for professional wrestling fans, prices will likely not come cheap; however, if you’re looking for the cheapest Wrestlemania ticket for WrestleMania XXXVII, you’ll want to do your research on ticket sites before securing your tickets. Below are a few options you have of securing your WrestleMania 37 tickets as early as right now and as cheaply as possible.

Official Vendor – It is possible to purchase tickets for WrestleMania directly from the original WWE vendor, but they will go very fast, and if they sellout and you’re forced to turn to secondary ticket sites, you’ll want to do your research on where you can avoid fees and find cheaper WWE WrestleMania tickets.

Bidding – One opportunity to secure cheaper tickets for the WrestleMania 37 would be to utilize TickPick’s bidding platform, which allows a user to bid on WWE tickets in certain sections or seat ratings at their price. If a seller with tickets for the game elects to accept the bid, the bidder’s card is charged and the order processes like any other transaction at the bidder’s price. For more information on how to take advantage of the bidding option, view our bidding tutorial.

If you weren’t able to secure tickets through any presales, general sales, or the aforementioned methods WrestleMania, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Tickets can still be purchased from secondary marketplaces, although the prices will not be at face value. Secondary market prices are anticipated to be on the higher side, but that doesn’t mean that good deals can’t be had – if you know where to look.

Why Should I Buy Wrestlemania Tickets Through TickPick?

In short, securing your WrestleMania 37 tickets through TickPick over any other secondary marketplace is a way to save money on the ticket price because our no-fee pricing structure makes a much bigger difference on the total price of tickets as get-in prices for an event like this get higher. TickPick has seen a major increase in sales for huge events like the Super Bowl and Wrestlemania in recent years because fans out there tend to do plenty of research when they’re willing to commit amounts in the high hundreds or thousands per ticket.

When a fan is looking to purchase a cheap ticket that is listed on both StubHub and TickPick, for example, the ticket price will ultimately be higher once the fees are applied on our competitor’s site who tacks on fees at the end. These savings only extrapolate as Wrestlemania ticket prices increase. Do the research before making your decision in order to save big.

TickPick’s Guarantees

As always, TickPick provides our buyers with a BuyerTrust Guarantee on all tickets, assuring all buyers that tickets purchased through our site are sourced from major reputable ticket sellers and are 100% valid for entry. Hard stock tickets are issued directly from the venue and have systems in place to verify and ensure that they cannot be counterfeited, as do mobile transfer tickets that are scanned right from a fan’s phone.

If you haven’t used TickPick before, you can sign up with the link below for $10 off your first purchase. If you have any questions regarding WrestleMania tickets, please feel free to submit a request here.


Wrestlemania 37 Schedule

WWE: WrestleMania XXXVIII - 2 Day Pass
WWE: WrestleMania XXXVIII (Time: TBD)
WWE: WrestleMania XXXVIII (Time: TBD)
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