How To Get Tickets With No Service Fees

We’ve all been there. You’re looking to buy concert tickets, game tickets, or theater tickets from a ticket site and find a price that’s right for you. You then go through the checkout process and get ready to enter your credit card info to secure those seats. However, you’re left feeling frustrated when you see the price has jumped up 20, 30, or even 40% higher. Sound familiar?


In the past, you may have just figured you were doomed to paying ticket fees regardless of where you got your tickets. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Because TickPick exists. And if you want to buy tickets for any live event, you can get them on TickPick and avoid all service fees while also getting the guaranteed best ticket prices.

TickPick is the original no-fee ticket marketplace and still remains the only major no-fee ticket site. In this blog, we tell you all there is to know about no-fee ticket sites. Plus, we show you how to get no-fee tickets to sports, concerts, and theater events on TickPick.


What Are Ticket Fees?

Let’s expand on the all-too-common scenario at the beginning of this blog. Say you’re looking to buy a concert ticket or maybe some sports tickets. Suddenly you go to check out and the total is higher than you expected.

Ticket fees (sometimes referred to as “processing fees” or “convenience fees”) are those annoying charges that suddenly make your live event tickets go up in price. You know how it goes, it looks great up until you make it to the checkout page. Then they nail you with a ridiculous service fee on top of the listed price the ticket seller posted. What you initially planned on paying is no more.

The ugly truth is that basically, all other ticket sites other than TickPick (StubHub, Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, Vivid Seats, Gametime, etc.) charge their buyers service fees on their resale tickets.

Some ticket websites claim to offer “no fee tickets” by marking up the tickets and showing you all-in ticket prices. This is a relatively more honest approach than other sites that wait until checkout to tack on their fees, but you need to pay attention and make sure that they’re not marking up the tickets more than a reasonable amount.

The Best No Fee Ticket Sites

How To Buy Tickets Without Service Fees

If you search for ” no fee ticket sites,” you may come across a few different sites. You could stumble on TicketFinder, Luckydaytickets, Feefreeticket, Nofeestickets, and, of course, TickPick. While all these ticket websites claim to charge no fees, there’s usually a catch. Some may add large shipping costs, hide fees in the price, or even have a smaller inventory of tickets to choose from.

We’re proud to say that TickPick is the original no-fee ticket site. We believe in making live events as easy to go to as possible. Because we know what that disappointment at checkout feels like. There’s no catch at TickPick.

We’ve truly got no fees, hidden or otherwise. In other words, we really do want you to get cheap tickets. We want you to cheer on your favorite performers and sports teams without the frustrating buying process that involves fees. Also, we want you to enjoy your event knowing that you got the best price on your seat and never have to deal with the hassle of comparing ticket prices across all ticket sites any longer.

So whether you’re looking for how to get concert tickets without service fees, sports tickets without service fees, or just wondering how to get the cheapest tickets period, look no further.

Is There a Service Fee If You Buy Tickets At the Box Office?

If you’re wondering if there are ticket service fees if you buy at the box office or venue, (aka the primary seller), that’s an entirely different story. Most tickets in this day and age are mobile tickets, meaning that they’re delivered electronically straight to your phone. But sometimes, the old-fashioned route is still available, particularly for Broadway and theater shows.

For example, if you’re looking online on Ticketmaster and are frustrated by the ticket service fee that they are adding at checkout, there’s not much that you’ll be able to do to avoid that when buying tickets through them.

For the majority of major venues in North America, Ticketmaster is the primary seller and has been hired by the venue to sell their tickets. With that said, assuming that similar tickets for a cheaper price aren’t available on a resale site like TickPick, there still may be hope. If you’re able to go to the venue to buy tickets, you’ll be able to avoid the majority of all the ticket service fees which are added on by the online ticket sellers such as the “convenience fee,” the “delivery fee,” or of course, the “ticket service fee.”

Finally, whether it’s Ticketmaster, TicketFly, Eventbrite, AEG, or some other primary seller, there’s only one way to avoid fees. Contacting the box office to see if you can buy tickets in person is the only way you’ll be able to avoid the ticket service fee that primary sellers charge. And thanks to electronic tickets, that’s not always an option. With that said, it’s always a smart thing to check TickPick before doing that, as you never know if resale sites have tickets and no service fees, for less.

What Is the Best Place To Buy No Fee Tickets?

No one wants to pay a single ticket fee. So, what makes TickPick a better option than other ticket sites? We are one of the major ticketing sites, but we still are the cheapest thanks to not charging any extra fees. As mentioned before, Ticketmaster, StubHub, SeatGeek, and Vivid Seats all charge service fees on top of the listed price. Meaning their tickets are more expensive than TickPick’s. If you don’t believe it, feel free to read up on our BestPrice Guarantee.

Now you know TickPick is the best ticket site without any additional fees on concerts, sports, or theater tickets!

In fact, we pride ourselves on our ticket price being 10% cheaper than our major competitor for the same seats. Plus, if you haven’t used TickPick before, you can sign up now to get $10 off your first purchase. If you’ve got any questions regarding your tickets, don’t hesitate to submit a request here. We’re here for you.

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