Welcome to TickPick’s Indiana Pacers Seating Chart. Here we will cover everything you need to know before purchasing Indiana Pacers Tickets or concert tickets for this venue, including Bankers Life Fieldhouse seat numbers, team bench locations, club seats, and where you can find the same Indiana Pacers seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.

Please find detailed information on the Pacers Seating Chart at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Use the interactive Indiana Pacers Seating Chart below to see row numbers (just hover over the section).

Interactive Indiana Pacers Seating Chart

Hover over any section below for a row-by-row breakdown

Bankers Life Fieldhouse Seat Numbers

The seat numbers in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse start with 1 and typically go to 20. Seat 1 being on the aisle towards the section next to it with the lower section number and the higher seat number going towards the section with a higher section number. For example seat number 1 in section 4 is next to seat number 19 in section 3 and seat number 20 of section 4 is next to seat number 1 of section 5.


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Indiana Pacers Bench & Visitors Bench

The Indiana Pacers bench is directly in front of section 4, row 4. There is no row 2 or 3, however there is a row 1 with 4 seats right next to the bench which starts with seat number 18 and goes to seat 21 which is next to the score table. The visitors bench is directly in front of section 6, row 4 and there are is no row 2 or 3. Similar to the Pacers bench there are four seats in row 1 next to the visitor bench starting with seat number 4, while seat number 1 is next to the score table.

Pacers Courtside Seats – Section 1 – 20 (Rows 1 -8)

The Pacers Court side seats can be found in sections 1 thru 20 and are the first 8 rows of each section. However, when looking to see what the difference from row 8 to row 9 is, beside the price, we were not able to find any information as to what’s different. Therefore it’s our recommendation to check out TickPick’s deal finder and algorithms to help you decide which seats are the best bang for your buck. Just search the Indiana Pacers tickets and select the game you are interested in. You’ll see tickets are listed by a score report (which is a grade rating system based on the ticket price and seat location).

The Pacers Club Seats – The 100’s

The Club Seats towards the center court (sections 103-105 and 116-118) have 8 seats per a row. These rows are split into two groups of 4 seats. By looking at the Pacers seating chart above you can see which other Club sections have a break within the section such as section 102, 106, 115 and 119. Every section within the 100s is considered a club seat, including the corner sections between 107 to 114 which have as many as 15 seats per a row.

Most Helpful User Review on the Club Seats:
“The club level is great–tons of bathrooms (you can tell a female is writing this review), lots of food options like the Varsity Club for a pretty fancy sit down or buffet dinner and several other food stands and beer and liquor stands, and of course an awesome view of the court. Our seats were awesome. Drink cups at the floor level. Club seats get waiter service!

The Pacers Balcony Seats – The 200’s 

The 100s sections towards the center court, have 8 seats per a row. Most of the rows are split into two groups of 4 seats. The corner sections may have as many as 15 seats per a row. In the 200s the center sections (208, 209, 224 and 225) have 24 seats per a row while the sections next to them (207, 210, 223 and 226) have 26 seats per a row.  Note: Although seating charts are not drawn to exact scale the sections and parts of sections that appear smaller or have certain shapes where the lower part of the section looks smaller than the top part of the section does reflect the amount of seat numbers per a row. For example the first row of section 227 has 6 seats, then the 3rd row only has three seats, the 7th row seven seats and each row increases up until the 19th row which has 28 seats.

Most helpful user review on the balcony seats:
Seating wise in the upper levels you won’t feel as if one misstep could send you tumbling to your death. The normal stadium feel of super steep seating is absent here. It feels relaxed and the seats are surprisingly comfortable even up on the second and third levels.”

Indiana Pacers Seating Chart 3d

To see a 360 degree virtual tour of the Indiana Pacers seating, click here. Our only complaint of this 3d interactive Pacers seating chart is that the images aren’t real pictures, instead they are computer generated, however it sill does a good job in helping you decide which Pacers tickets to buy.

Handicapped & ADA Seating at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

For those who are confined to a wheelchair and/or those looking to attend a game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse with somebody who is, there is some important information that you’ll want to know. If you’re seeking ADA or handicapped seating, you’ll find that there are accessible rows at the top of most sections within the venue and spread throughout. If necessary, folding chairs will be provided with guests, such as ones looking to sit with a fan confined to a wheelchair. One trick you can use to filter tickets that are handicapped or ADA accessible is by using our “Additional filters +” button on the event page that allow you to select “ADA (wheelchair accessible),” which shows all seats that the seller has marked as handicapped seating.

How to Get Cheaper Indiana Pacers Tickets

Most other ticket marketplaces charge high service fees in addition to the listed price, but not TickPick. Here at TickPick, we have no service fees, making us your source for cheaper Indiana Pacers tickets on the secondary market. If you haven’t used TickPick before, you can sign up with the link below for $10 off your first purchase. If you have any questions regarding Indiana Pacers tickets, please feel free to submit a request here.


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