In October 2018, Solange announced her new album, which was due sometime last year. Delaying an album release isn’t uncharacteristic for Solange, who needed a few extensions before dropping A Seat at the Table—a record now lauded as one of the most vital albums of its time. At the conclusion of 2018, with still no new Solange album to stream, fans were disappointed but remained faithful to the artist’s process.

It’ll be ready when it’s ready. All great things take time. The patience parables of childhood resurfaced as we helplessly waited—and with no further word from Solange as to when she would bless us with the new project.

But today (Feb. 26), Solange shared her custom-made profile on BlackPlanet—the original social networking site, which predates both Facebook and Myspace. The forum began as a safe community for African Americans to connect, share art, find news, and code their own profile pages. Now, past users are furiously searching for their old BlackPlanet passwords to engage with Solange’s latest move.


The soundless videos appear to be from a photo shoot, or perhaps a music video set. The details are absent and the clips are murky, but they do hint at the looks Solange may be incorporating into the new project. And as we learned from A Seat at the Table and her subsequent tour, the aesthetics are very important.

Though there was no direct confirmation as to if Solange is directly teasing her new album, the page seems to be punctuated with song lyrics. Compiled, they read as such:

I made the pilgrimage back to the pagoda of third ward Houston to answer this.
When your body is all you have you best take care.
When your body is all you have you best take care.
For the bad weaves and two ways.
I swallowed the light….
Threw my earnings like offerings and prayed it went to something that made her feel good.
How much of ourselves do we leave at home and how much do we carry with us forever?
But I did not sit in the sun.
How much of ourselves do we leave at home and how much do we carry with us forever?

The tone and lyricism is heavily reminiscent of the themes throughout A Seat at the Table. In fact, these lyrics could easily fit in the universe she created in her last effort. Certainly there’s a lot to digest and fans are desperate for further clarity, but the BlackPlanet page also indicated there would be more announcements coming soon from the artist.

Solange included a newsletter sign-up page and a “Live” page, which listed her upcoming sets at Bonnaroo, Love Box, and the Heartland Festival. Considering she also just shared her upcoming cover of i-D magazine’s Homegrown Issue, we think new music is definitely on the way.



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hey y’aallll 🖤🖤🖤 endless thanks to @i_d & the legends tim walker and ib kamara so much gratitude wow

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Will Solange be sharing new music during her Heartland or Bonnaroo music festival sets? Don’t forgo the opportunity to hear for yourself. Especially since Solange isn’t responsible for anyone but herself, and could decide to wait another year—or two, or four—before dropping the highly anticipated project.

But we doubt that Solange would share pieces of her creative process, quickly takeover BlackPlanet, and be the subject of a cover story if she wasn’t about to share at least a single from the follow-up to 2016’s A Seat at the Table.

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