Is Taylor Swift About to Drop a New Album?

UPDATE: Taylor Swift has revealed that the highly anticipated follow-up to 1989 will be titled Reputation. The album will be released November 10, 2017. Along with the titled, Taylor Swift revealed the album art, which shows a darker, noir look. This is definitely a deviation from what we’ve seen in the past, confirming what sources have said about Swift revamping her image. Check out the album art below. 

Taylor Swift new album


It’s been nearly three years since Taylor Swift dropped her Grammy award-winning album 1989which contained her unforgettable and career altering hit singles “Bad Blood” and “Shake It Off”. Leading into 2017, it seemed that Taylor Swift was still enjoying her break from record making, and fans were to believe it would at least be another year before the pop star released her sixth studio album. But in mid-August, Taylor Swift wiped out her entire social media presence, causing speculation as to what she could be up to.

Not only were her Twitter and Instagram accounts wiped, but her website was down as well, the old address showing an error page. But a few days later, Taylor Swift began posting eerie, 10-20 second video clips of what seems to be a reptilian creature. The glitchy videos are cryptic, wordless, and soundless. And on Wednesday, Swift solved the mystery, revealing her videos to be snippets of a snake in motion. Snakes have significance in the “Swiftverse”. Following her feud with Kanye and Kim Kardashian West—a battle that wasn’t flattering for any of the parties involved—Swift’s Twitter account was spammed with snake emojis.

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Is Taylor Swift getting ready to drop new music, possibly a single which addresses her “Famous” controversy? There are several signs pointing in this direction, not to mention a rumor which has now been repeated by many sources, saying that Taylor Swift is getting ready to release music this Friday. For several albums past, Taylor Swift has begun releasing new music in the Fall, which is quickly approaching.

The MTV Video Music Awards are set to take place this Sunday, August 27th. Katy Perry will be acting as host. Though Taylor Swift told fans her only performance scheduled for 2017 would be at her pre-Superbowl gig, these cryptic videos have dropped curiously in time for the VMA’s. Will Taylor Swift perform new music this weekend and use the MTV VMA stage to do it? We can’t be certain, but would bet that Swift has a bigger presence at the awards show than she’s led fans to believe.

Taylor Swift

There isn’t a lot of confirmed information surrounding Taylor Swift’s next album. But recently, a page appeared on the music resource site Genius listing the song “Timeless” and attributing it to Swift (no lyrics included). Fans, eager to venture down the “Timeless” rabbit hole in order to discover something else about T-Swift’s upcoming album, discovered a website domain registered for the potential title, with the only subtitle “Coming Soon.” This, in addition to three videos on Taylor Swift’s Vevo account which are set to Private only, is the most prevalent bulk of speculation regarding imminent releases from the pop songwriting sensation.

Is Taylor Swift about to drop a new album? We think, if not this weekend, there will at least be a new Taylor Swift single by this Fall, her typical season for releasing music. Even though Swift was eager to take a break from music, we hope she has returned, image revamped and better than ever. Check back for more Taylor Swift updates, hopefully coming your way soon! And be sure to tune into the MTV VMA’s, this Sunday, for some unforgettable performances, one of which will hopefully be the incredible Taylor Swift.


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