Jack White New Album and Single “High Ball Stepper”

Jack WhiteRemember when Jack White dropped his debut solo album Blunderbuss and everyone went crazy over it? Yeah, we haven’t forgotten either. The mysterious, dark, and subtle charm of Jack White is something that none of us understand, but what everyone wants more of. We’ve seen his name everywhere since the lineups of the biggest summer music festivals have been released for this year—and Jack White is set to headline four of them. And after just a year and a half of anticipation, the music mastermind is back to announce the release of his sophomore solo album, Lazaretto. In honor of his upcoming album release, White has given us a taste of the record through an instrumental track titled “High Ball Stepper”,  a cryptic, yet ingenious way of introducing the album to his fans. We think if Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who had a baby, it would be this song.

Jack White hasn’t said if his upcoming album will be primarily instrumental, but in an interview with Rolling Stone last year in regards to Lazaretto, White said “[The new album] is not one sound, it’s definitely several.” The release of the new album falls in between two festivals where Jack White is set to headline, New York’s Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo. The timing is strange—the two festival sets have the potential to be completely different from each other. But whether audiences get more from the newly released Lazaretto, or from the blues rock album Blunderbuss, Jack White won’t disappoint—he’s just that good. If you have been thinking about which music festival to attend this summer and have yet to make a decision, consider where Jack White will be taking the stage. In addition to Gov Ball and Bonnaroo, Jack White will be performing in Houston’s Free Press Summer Festival, and Kentucky’s Forecastle Festival

Are you like us, and just way too excited about the release of Lazaretto? Third Man Records is offering Vault package #20, which will include White’s new album on colored vinyl, a book full of lyrics, early demos, and more. Check back with us later this month, word is Jack White will be releasing a second track from Lazaretto before May rolls around.  And I highly suggest you scroll down and take a second to watch the greatness below: Jack White + Conan O’ Brien with an electric guitar = Goofy, priceless rockabilly greatness.

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