John Butler Trio Coming to NYC this Summer | A Must See Show

John Butler Trio TourJohn Butler Trio will begin the North American leg of their 2014 tour on June 5th in Boulder, Colorado. On June 17th, JBT will be arriving in New York City to play the Central Park Summerstage with special guest Allen Stone. Once we heard about this show, we knew it was one you wouldn’t want to miss. Don’t know who John Butler Trio is? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you the top reasons (out of many, many good reasons) to see John Butler Trio live at Central Park this summer.

For starters, John Butler is a master at the guitar. This prodigy has been playing since he was 16 years old, learning guitar styles ranging from Celtic to bluegrass. When he first started out, Butler was a regular performer at a bar in Australia suburbia. From there, he built a following while making preparations for his self-titled, first studio album. How many people make it to world renown status from playing at local pubs? Only the best ones, of course.

The talent is there, but isn’t that only half of it? When buying tickets to see an artist you aren’t all too familiar with, you want to make sure they will put on a good show. And let us assure you, the John Butler Trio puts on a great show. In 2010 JBT performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater, giving one of their most famous performances to date. Butler is joined with band members Byron Luiters and Nicky Bomba and gives the audiences a lengthy 20 song set that mixes the genres of folk, bluegrass, and alternative rock. During the Red Rocks set, Butler gives a solo performance of the well known instrumental track “Ocean”. I know it’s 12 minutes long, but watch it anyways. And notice how the entire amphitheater is almost silent, just listening, in awe. John Butler Live

But who is John Butler? Besides the founder of Australia Jarrah Records, a father and family man, and skateboard aficionado, Butler is one of the most successful artists to come out of Australia. But John Butler isn’t just a technically talented musician. Butler has mastered his instrument, but he is also an artist who has taken the liberty to be heartbroken, angry, and flawed. Essentially, he’s like the John Mayer of Australia (except a lot less of a womanizer). Commence swooning now.

The band has recently released a new album titled Flesh and Blood. You can watch Butler perform a solo version of ‘Young and Wild’—a track from the new album—and see for yourself what we’re talking about. Take a chance, buy tickets to see John Butler Trio live, you’ll thank yourself later.

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