Justin Timberlake Will Drop a New Album in 2018

Last month, Justin Timberlake took to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to announce that he would be the 2018 Super Bowl LII Halftime Show performer. One of the most infamous moments of Justin Timberlake’s career occurred 14 years ago during his halftime show performance with Janet Jackson, so many were surprised to see that the former N*SYNC leader would be returning to the coveted Super Bowl stage.

Back in March, in a series of tweets which began with JT giving praise to Frank Ocean’s album Blonde, Timberlake was asked by a fan if and when new music was on the way. Timberlake responded with three words fans have been waiting nearly four years to hear: “On the way.”

Since Justin Timberlake was announced as the Super Bowl LII half time performer, we’ve had our ears perked for news surrounding the long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s The 20/20 Experience. There has been only one single since The 20/20 Experience, that being last year’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, originally written for the movie Trolls. Though there hasn’t been any peep of a new Justin Timberlake single, we are finally hearing industry icons discuss the rumored album to various news sources.

Famed producer Timbaland is the subject of a new feature in Rolling Stone. Though most of the interview is centered on Timbaland’s personal journey back to creativity and overcoming career hazards, he goes on to talk about forthcoming albums he’s recently worked on, including Pharrell’s and the new Justin Timberlake LP. Timbaland doesn’t give many specific details about the album, or Timberlake’s comeback. But he does make it seem promising, and worth the wait. “The music we just made? It’s gonna put him on another plateau,” Timbaland says. Pharrell was also rumored to have been in the studio with JT this past year.

Justin Timberlake Timbaland

It appears that Justin Timberlake’s return to the Super Bowl half time stage is anything but random. After a nearly five year hiatus, it makes sense that Timberlake’s comeback would have to be one of a large scale, and what better event than the biggest concert of the year: the Super Bowl half time show? Though we think that JT will primarily be performing fan favorites from Justified and The 20/20 Experience, we are also hoping to hear some new material. Or, even better, to receive a new Justin Timberlake single before the game in February.

We’re not sure when Justin Timberlake will release his new album, but we would guess it quickly follows his return to the Super Bowl half time stage. Be on the look out for new JT singles, an album release date, and (hopefully) an upcoming Justin Timberlake tour.

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