Kanye, Chance the Rapper, and Zaytoven Are In the Studio

Two months ago, Chance confirmed a Kanye West-produced 7-track, which would follow the G.O.O.D Music rollout we saw at the Summer’s beginning. Now, on what would’ve been Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday, Chance and Kanye have appeared in studio together, chopping up an old MJ vocal sample. Check out the clip below, and feel free to smile at the sight of Chance bobbing his head in the background while Kanye does what he does best.


This doesn’t come as a surprise, as yesterday during his Chicago radio interview, Kanye confirmed he was in town to work with Chance. Though we’re not sure what exactly they are working on, the MJ sample is promising, as is their clear excitement to be in the studio together. Atlanta superproducer Zaytoven is also apparently working with them, based on the below photo.

Though nothing else is known about Chance the Rapper’s, Kanye West-produced 7 track, we are stoked to see it materializing before our eyes.

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