Karen O’s New Album “Crush Songs” | New Song and Tracklist

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be releasing her debut solo album on September 9th via Julian Casablancas record label Cult Records. The record, titled Crush Songs, is a collection of songs written during a time of romantic uncertainty.  From Fever to Tell to Mosquito, this singer/songwriter has led one of the biggest bands in the experimental rock genre to worldwide fame for a decade now–not to mention her film score cameos along the way. Karen O, perhaps the Stevie Nicks of our generation, is long overdue when it comes to giving us a solo album. We’re ecstatic  to see what Crush Songs brings, especially after this recently released track + video from the new album: “Rapt”.

“Rapt” has an intimate bedroom recording feel to it. The track is acoustic and raw. It’s a moment alone with Karen and her guitar, which lasts just under 2 minutes long. By now, we’re all too familiar with Karen O’s soft and subtle approach to love songs. This past year, Karen O co-wrote and performed “The Moon Song”  for the movie “Her”, a gig that landed her an Oscar Nomination and a performance onstage at the awards ceremony with Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig. Karen O’s upcoming album Crush Songs will likely have a similar style and tone to what we have seen so far from her acoustic work. “Rapt” is a small indicator that Karen O is delivering an album close to her heart. Here is her statement on her upcoming record:

Karen O 'Crush Songs'

Here is the tracklist for Crush Songs:

‘Comes The Night’
‘NYC Baby’
‘Other Side’
‘So Far’
‘Day Go By’
‘Indian Summer’
‘Sunset Sun’
‘Native Korean Rock’

We’re hoping that Karen O releases a few more songs from her upcoming album before the September rolls around, but until then, check out one of our favorite Yeah Yeah Yeahs live performances to date.



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