Keep Your Ticketing Options Flexible with TickPick’s New Feature

We know fans of all live events like sports, concerts, theater shows, and more love catching these events in person. But sometimes, our schedules allow for a little flexibility, and you may just want to catch a ballgame in the near future, or a concert in town when your plans free up.

That’s where TickPick’s newest app feature FLEX comes in.

We’ve always made it a priority to help fans find the best deals on tickets and find them quickly, and now it’s easier than ever. Flex is our new fan-friendly in-app feature that allows you to shop the best deals across multiple events all at once.

What is FLEX?

Flex is a new in-app feature by TickPick, the original no-fee ticket marketplace that guarantees the best ticket prices for all events. It helps fans who know they want to catch their favorite team or show but just want the best deal, regardless of when the game or show takes place.

Flex allows users to simply choose which team or artist they want to see live, then lets them narrow their options on events happening during the week, on the weekend, or anytime they want.

How To Use FLEX in the TickPick App

Using Flex is simple. Fans can take advantage of the best deals on tickets for whatever game or show you’re looking to catch live in three easy steps.

  1. Pick the options that best suit your needs like weekend events, weekday events, daytime event, nighttime event, quantity of tickets, etc.
  2. Choose the FLEX option.
  3. Buy your tickets to that awesome live event you’ve been looking forward to.

Now that you know Flex, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the next great live event that fits your calendar.

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