There’s more out there than just American music. Hailing in from countries such as Cuba, Columbia, Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and more. To form genres such as Salsa, Mariachi, Latin-pop, Bachata, Cumbia, Nuevo Flamenco, Tango, Tejano. The list goes on and grows each year as the world’s leading musicians continue to blend and diversify their influences.

Now, here are the Best Latin and World Music Concert Tours in 2019. Artists from around the world who are broadening our global perspective with their music and shows. You don’t want to miss out on hearing these voices, live.


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Anuel AA

On Tour: July 25, 2019 – December 22, 2019

It’s not easy being one of the most influential, Latin trap music pioneers. According to Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA, it takes illustrious proclivity, global connections, and a charismatic relentlessness to accomplish what he’s done so far. After winning the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Award for New Artist of the Year, Anuel AA went on to tour with Karol G, collaborate with Akon and Ozuna, and even compete in the MLB’s 2019 celebrity softball game alongside fellow Latinx artist Daddy Yankee. This Fall and Winter, Anuel AA will be touring sporadically across North America, wrapping up his “Real Hasta La Muerte” Tour.

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MANÁ: Rayando El Sol Tour

On Tour: September 4, 2019 – November 30, 2019

Frontman Fher Olvera said to the Los Angeles Times that the band is hoping to perform “almost every place where you can find Latinos”. And considering how Maná has already extended their U.S tour, we think they may just do it. Maná, widely considered as Mexico’s most beloved rock band, is touring for the first time in three years. The “Rayando El Sol” Tour—much like past tours—will likely highlight topics relevant to their audiences. “Maná’s legacy is focused on the Latino world,” Olvera said. “It’s about dreams, hope … and a Latin American continent wanting to come out ahead, even when it’s facing crisis in government, politics and the environment.”

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Bad Bunny

On Tour: August 10, 2019 – December 8, 2019

Latinx music fans have been in awe since the incredibly talented Bad Bunny began taking over pop music—while singing exclusively in Spanish, nonetheless. At the shy age of 24, Bad Bunny has found his spot amongst the most highly regarded Latinx artists, as evidenced by being the final performer at last year’s Calibash, which featured Ozuna, Enrique Iglesias, and Faruko. It’s been twenty years since the supposed “Latin explosion” broadened American radio waves to include the crossover talent of Ricky Martin. But now, there’s no “crossover” needed. Bad Bunny’s skyrocket is unceasing as he embarks on his second headlining tour to bring X100PRE to audiences nationwide.

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On Tour: April 4, 2019 – September 13, 2019

Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known by his stage name Chayanne, will be touring exclusively this Spring. Because Chayanne splits his time between singing and acting, it’s rare that this Puerto Rican pop singer goes on tour. Even though—as a solo artist—Chayanne has released 21 albums and sold over 15 million nationwide. “To the rhythm of the boom boom“, Chayanne is promising a huge party for his audiences everywhere.

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On Tour: March 9, 2019 – November 16, 2019

Brothers Sergio and Alberto Lizárraga—the founding members of Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga, also known as Banda MS—will be taking their visually spectacular new show to theaters across the U.S. Banda MS continue their unique and modern performances of “banda sinaloense”, music that continues to break barriers since the band’s inception in 2003.

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Carlos Rivera

On Tour: August 29, 2019 – October 12, 2019

Mexican singer and star personality Carlos Rivera will be touring the south and southwest U.S this Fall in promotion of last year’s Guerra. He’s come quite a ways since being a small hometown hero in Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico. From his four studio albums, to becoming the first Mexican actor to star in a Disney production outside of Mexico with the 2011 production of The Lion King, Carlos Rivera continues to make a name for his voice and artistry.

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Marisela & Amanda Miguel

On Tour: March 15, 2019 – October 20, 2019

Marisela Hernandez—often referred to as “Latin Madonna” and sometimes called “Dama de Hierro (Lady of Iron)”—is going on tour for the first time in a few years with American-Argentinian singer Amanda Miguel. Since her cover version of Barbara George’s single “I Know (You Don’t Love Me No More),” retitled “Ya No,” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Latin Songs chart in 1990, Marisela has maintained communities of fans. “I have beautiful fans in little towns that I don’t even know yet,” she said to the Press DemocratIn addition to touring, working on a new album, in addition to collaborating with other Latinx artists, Marisela Hernandez is at work on a book about her life.

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On Tour: August 1, 2019 – October 27, 2019

Grupo Bronco, a Mexican Grupero band from Apodaca, Nuevo León, first became popular with their Modern spin on Norteño style music. Three decades later, Bronco is still making audience members get up and dance with international hits such as “Sergio El Bailador” and “Que No Quede Huella.” Now, Bronco has entered a new generation, with founding vocalist “Don Lupe” being joined by his sons, Jose Adan and Rene. In 2019, Bronco released their new album Por Mas, in addition to announcing 30 U.S tour dates which will showcase the Grupo in a way audiences haven’t before seen.

“Unlike our Primera Fila Tour, this one is completely different. We changed the scenography, the costumes, and the set list. I think that’s what we always try to do with Bronco, to have that variety and keep innovating with new technology resources. Our mission is for the audience to enjoy a high-quality show and have a good time.”

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Pancho Barraza

On Tour: March 9, 2019 – August 17, 2019

Mexican singer/songwriter Francisco Javier Barraza Rodríguez, also known as Pancho Barraza, performed amongst the traditional Mexican music scene until 1995, when he dropped his solo debut, Mis Canciones De Amor. Now, Pancho Barraza is touring through the Summer, bringing his extensive discography of Mexican music to venues nationwide.

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Rodrigo y Gabriela

On Tour: May 4, 2019 – July 29, 2019

When Mexican classical guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela came on the scene back in 2000, it was like a breath of fresh, virtuosic, genre-bending air. Heavily influenced by rock, metal, and nuevo flamenco, Rodrigo y Gabriela continue to write, record, and tour according to their strengths. In addition to touring, the duo is getting ready to release their first album in five years, Mettavolution, on April 26th. Mettavolution, produced by Dave Sardy (Oasis, LCD Soundsystem), will feature nods to the duo’s thrash-metal upbringing in Mexico City.

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Camila y Sin Bandera: 4 latidos

On Tour: March 22, 2019 – October 5, 2019

Mexican bands Camila and Sin Bandera have joined forces for the “4 Latidos” tour. The tour will be fortified by incredible production and a band of 12 additional musicians on stage, bringing to life the bombastic and celebratory sounds inherent to the culture of Mexican music. Fans can expect to hear some of their favorite songs from these groups, such as “Te Vi Venir”, “Mientes”, and “Aléjate de Mí”.

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Los Lonely Boys

On Tour: March 8, 2019 – October 19, 2019

Chicano band Los Lonely Boys first became of national interest back in 2004 for their official debut single “Heaven”, but the “Texican” rock and roll band has been playing Tejano and blues music in South Texas since the 90’s. Now, Henry, JoJo, and Ringo Garza will be touring the U.S through the Spring. Though they haven’t released a new album since 2014’s Revelation, the band has a huge arsenal of “Texican” hits for their nationwide fanbase—including their last recording, a cover of CCR’s “Born on the Bayou”.

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Gloria Trevi & Karol G: Diosa de la noche

On Tour: September 13, 2019 – November 10, 2019

Gloria Trevi will be performing in the most prestigious venues this Fall on her “Diosa de la Noche” tour, with support from Latin pop star Karol G. Since her early 90’s arrival, Gloria Trevi has been soaring on the wings of her own talent, along with the controversy bred out of her sexual, Prince and Madonna-esque image. Though Trevi has moved away from the shock and awe of her earlier performances, her voice is still something to behold. Not to mention the addition of Karol G, a Colombian newcomer who has already earned more than 4.6 billion music streams and has appeared in more than 15 Billboard charts.

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Dale Fuego FestLong Beach, CA

Saturday August 10, at Queen Mary Park, you can catch Ozuna and a number of other Latinx and World musicians at the Dale Fuego Fest. All ages are welcome at Long Beach’s Dale Fuego Fest for a summery, sun-kissed day of music. One of Dale Fuego Fest’s star headliners has yet to be announced.



Baja Beach Fest: Rosarito Beach, MX

August 16-18, fans can attend Baja Beach Fest, a premier beachside Reggaeton and Latin Trap Music Festival—and so far the largest of its kind. This year’s Baja Beach Fest lineup is headed by Ozuna, J Balvin, Cardi B, and Bad Bunny. The 2019 Baja Beach Fest is 3x as big as its inaugural year, making this an event fans should keep on their radar. Much like the Mad Decent Block Party, we think it’s only a year or two more before the Baja Beach Fest becomes on of the premier, North American summer music festivals.



Soulfrito Music Festival: Brooklyn, NY

August 30, head over to Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the return of the annual Soulfrito Music Festival. This year, Soulfrito will feature a myriad of world musicians, hip-hop stars, and Latin trap pioneers. The Soulfrito lineup includes Ozuna, A Boogie, Farruko, Gunna, Jeremih, Arcangel, El Alfa, Duki, Guaynaa, Melii, Jay Critch, Myke Towers, Farina, Lil T Jay, Alex Rose, Justina Valentine, Chimbala, Camilo, Enuff, Lobo, AJ El Kallejero, Ken Starrz, Dee Nasty, Bernice Burgos, and more.

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