Below you’ll find TickPick’s Laver Cup Chicago Seating Chart. Here we will cover everything you need to know before purchasing the Cheapest Laver Cup Tickets, including helpful tips, row and seat numbers, best seats, and more.

Knowing the exact location of where your seats are within the United Center Seating Chart can make all the difference, and with TickPick’s detailed United Center Seating Chart guide, you’ll know exactly where your seats are for the Laver Cup at the United Center.

Tip #1Seat 1 is always closer to the lower section number, for example seat 1 in section 111 is on the aisle next to section 110 (same goes for the 200s and 300s).

  • 100s – When looking at tickets in the 100s unless you are in row 1 or 2, don’t pay an unnecessary premium for seats in between rows 3 and 10, in these rows the dasher boards and the glass will often obstruct your view.
  • Seat Numbers – Seat #1 is always closer to the lower section number, for example seat 1 in section 113 is on the aisle next to section 112 (same goes for the 200s and 300s).
  • Row Numbers – All sections in the 100s start with row 1 and end with row 19. The 200s have 8 rows, and the 300s have 17 to 19 rows.
  • Expert Tip – When looking in the 100s the higher the row, the more you can see plays develop. You can buy cheap Laver Cup tickets by looking at the lower rows in the 200s or 300s, while still having a great view.

Laver Cup Seating Chart



Row Numbers at the United Center

The 100s sections: In general the 100 sections have 19 rows.

Sections 105 to 107, & 116 to 118 have rows A to M added in front of rows 1 through 19, so don’t be fooled that row 1, is the 1st row, instead it’s actually the 14th row.

The 200s sections: The 200 level has 8 rows in every section (this is always consistent regardless the seating chart configuration). The Lexus Club is on the 200s level and in general to walk around the 200s level you need to have a 200s seat (a nice perk!).

The 300s sections: The 300 level, aka the Madhouse on Madison, has 17 rows in each section. This is typically where you’ll find the cheapest Laver Cup Tickets.

What is SRO: Standing Room Only (SRO) Means what it says, you literally don’t get a seat. Instead, you are able to watch the match from behind any of the 300 level sections. Knowing this, if the price is great and you are okay with this arrangement enjoy!

Home Team and Away Team Benches: The Bulls bench is right in front of section 102, while the guest’s bench is in front of section 121. And in case you were wondering, the Bulls cheerleaders are in front of section 107.

Other Premium Seating

Guests in the BMO Harris Club (which is in sections 221 to 231), get access to three bars, a lounge, tons of seating, a pool table and more.  That’s also in addition to in-seat wait service with unlimited food and beverage.

The Theatre Boxes seats provide you with a semi private four-person suite (within section 205 to 212). That’s in addition to the reserved table in the lounge with a complimentary unlimited food and beverage dinner for before and during the game.

The luxury suites on the lower, club and penthouse levels also allows you to choose to cater food & beverages at an additional costs.

Note: Although we discuss row details, the seating chart for the Bulls does not show row numbers. You can view the bulls row numbers here, just select the Bulls seating chart and hover over the sections to see row numbers for each section.

United Center Seat View

If you are looking for a view from your seat then definitely check out this Chicago Bulls 3d map.

For your convenience here’s a 3d seating chart for the Chicago Blackhawks, as well as seat views for various concert floorplans and other events at the United Center.

The Best Laver Cup Seats, or The Best Deal?

There are always a lot of tickets available for the United Center, as long as you are willing to spend a little bit of money you really can’t go wrong.

As opposed to most sporting events, avid tennis fans prefer seats in the first couple rows along the baseline, or in the corners. This is because it’s tough to follow the ball from the center court, while in the corners and end sections one doesn’t need to move their head to follow the ball. Thus, most experienced tennis spectators consider sections 113-116, 118-121, 102-105, and sections 107-110 to be the best sections in the United Center.

But here’s a tip, when you make it to an event page on TickPick, you can sort through tickets in numerous ways.

  1. Find the event at the United Center that you want to go to
  2. Then you can view tickets based on:
    • Price
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    • Seat Rating (the “Best Seats”)
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