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This tailgate has passed! Check out our list of upcoming tailgates.

If you are reading this than you already know… we’ve hit capacity.

Lehigh fans, you can check out Stumble Inn for a good bar tailgate, and Lafayette fans you can check out Joshua Tree.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lehigh Lafayette the game will be held at the infamous Yankee Stadium on November 22nd, 2014 at 3:30pm. But with such a big event, and a culture that is more focused on Tailgating, then the game itself, what’s one to do without Goodman Campus or a Quad to Tailgate in?

Your Solution…

TickPick’s Official Tailgate for Lehigh Lafayette Alumni at Yankee Stadium

Lehigh Lafayette Yankee Stadium Tailgate

See more photos from past tailgates: 10/129/16, and 5/17.

TickPick has been throwing Tailgates for years, and the Founders, Brett Goldberg & Chris O’Brien are Lehigh grads, so you know what that means:

1. They know how to party
2. They know how to throw a tailgate
3. And they definitely know about rivalries ahemmmm, Stubhub

To join the party, buy your Lehigh Tailgate ticket(s) here for $59.

Please note this does not include a ticket to the game, however tickets can be purchased here on TickPick.

Lehigh Lafayette Yankee Stadium Tailgate Details

11:30am – All You Can Eat & Drink Tailgate

The tailgate will be at The Deegan Parking Lot, which is walking distance  near Yankee Stadium. No need to worry about packing coolers, solo cups or speakers, this is an all you can eat & drink, affair. DJ Teddy Brown aka Da Bringa (a Lehigh grad) will be providing tunes, and Chumley’s BBQ (see menu below) will be preparing a fully catered all you can eat BBQ. Other things you can expect: Kegs, Beirut tables, Tents, Chairs, Cornhole, etc.

3:15pm – Last Call + Get Your Goodie Bag

Before heading into the Stadium, the Chumley’s chef will prepare a goodie-bag of sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, etc. for you to bring into the game, saving each TickPick Tailgater from paying $15-$20 on stadium food.

3:30pm – Kick Off

Game starts… Lehigh Lafayette tickets are still available on TickPick for around $100, but regardless, you don’t need a ticket to the game to join us: instead of going into the game, you can help our staff finish off the kegs while everyone else heads into Yankee Stadium.

Join the Tailgate


Feel free to come solo, with a friend, with a large group, or with your kids (children under 3yrs old do not need a ticket). This day is about making sure our supporters have a great time, so make the day yours. Give us a call at 845-538-4567 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Example of Previous Menu (Menu Coming Soon)

TickPick’s Lehigh Lafayette Tailgate Location

Lehigh Tailgate Location

See Google Map Link

Get your Tailgate Tickets Here!

Have an idea or suggestion for our Lehigh Lafayette Yankee Stadium Tailgate? Let us know in the comments below or email us! We’d love to incorporate more businesses and startups that have Lehigh roots such as a breweries, wineries, or charities etc., you get the point.

Jets Tailgate Montage 10.17.14

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