Liam Gallagher Will Release New Music This Week

Just last month, former Oasis member Liam Gallagher made his solo performance debut in the states, playing secret gigs at the McKittrick Hotel and Rough Trade NYC. At the latter, Gallagher premiered a new song, “Eh La”, from his forthcoming solo debut album As You Were, due out October 6th, a month ahead of brother Noel’s forthcoming album with the High Flying Birds.

So far, Liam Gallagher has released two singles from As You Were, the wistful “Chinatown” and the sharp hooked lead single “Wall of Glass“. So far, fans have been loving what Liam has put forth from his first solo debut, which is set to drop October 6th. Now, it appears that Liam will be releasing new music from As You Were sooner than we would’ve anticipated. Just two days ago, Liam took to Twitter to make this announcement, suggesting that we might have one or two new singles by the end of the week.

Today, he teased a new song “For What It’s Worth” with an a cappella clip posted to Twitter this morning. “For What It’s Worth” is an apology of sorts, but as Gallagher said in a new interview with Noisey, it’s the only one you’ll get from him: “Yeah, obviously I’ve made a lot of mistakes. That’s life. I guess it is an apology to whoever. I’ve pissed a lot of people off. But I’m certainly not gonna write a song for each and every one of them. There’s one there. Fuckin’ deal with it and move on.” You can check it out the clip of “For What It’s Worth” below:


In a recent episode of Rolling Stone’s Music Now podcast, Liam Gallagher spoke about the prospects of an Oasis reunion. And though he shares the desire of all Oasis fans—for Oasis to reunite, make new music, and tour—it’s not looking good for the reconciliation between the Gallagher brothers. “All I said the other day on that Beats Radio was before we get back together, if we get ever back together, we’d have to become brothers and friends again.”

Liam continued to prescribe feelings Noel may be experiencing as well, and that his future as a rock star is better served when making music with his brother. “I know he doesn’t want to be supporting U2 and playing a third of a stadium half-empty when he could do it himself with his brother,” Liam said. “I would prefer to be speaking about an Oasis album than a Liam solo album. And I know Noel Gallagher would. We’re better together.”

Liam Gallagher

We’re not sure if the Gallagher brothers can ever reunite and bring back together one of the world’s most beloved rock bands. But we’re grateful that both seem to be making music prolifically and unabashedly. Especially Liam, who, after two failed bands, seems more ready than ever to show the world what he’s got. Liam’s solo debut As You Were arrives October 6th. So far, Liam Gallagher’s tour dates include performances at NYC’s Terminal 5, the Warfield in San Francisco, and Chicago’s Riviera Theater.

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