Lorde, 16 and one of the “Royals”


Ella Yelich-O’Connor, known by her stage name as Lorde, is set to release her debut full-length album titled Pure Heroine on September 30th. Her EP titled The Love Club was released this past March. Following the release of The Love Club, the hit single “Royals” has peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 17, as well has being the first single by a female artist to take the number one spot on Billboard Alternative Music Chart since Tracy Bonham in 1996. Impressed yet? Well, that’s just her fame in the states. Don’t miss out on a chance to take part in this young artist’s rise to fame, Lorde tickets are still available for purchase!

Lorde, age 16, was born and raised in New Zealand. When Lorde was just 12 years old, she was discovered at a local talent show by Universal Records agent Scott Maclachlan. The following two years of her young adolescence were spent in the studio, working with producer Joel Little, refining her singer-songwriter voice. The largest influences of Lorde’s generation have been pop stars such as Kanye West, Lana Del Ray, Drake, along with the growing popularity of electronic music. But rather than having Universal take her on the manufactured route of production, Lorde was determined in preserving her authentic style and lyricism—any commercial success was an added bonus for the young star.

Lorde’s music is organic by nature. Her sound is whimsical, and her lyrics embedded with wisdom and commentary of her contemporaries. At first listen, the song “Royals” is another pop song, one with a catchy melodic line and synthesized instrumentation. By all appearances, Lorde is another 16 year old teeny-bopper who is trying to claim her share of glory in the music industry. But this assumption is precisely what Lorde is defying—not only by her songs—but by the way she presents herself as an artist.


In “Royals”, Lorde serenely sings “But every song’s like grey goose, gold teeth, tripping in the bathroom/blood stains, ball gowns, trashing the hotel room”. Here, Lorde is commenting on the celebrity lifestyle, one which is constantly being advertised to teenagers like herself. But at the end of the verse, she states “we don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair”. This statement is affirmed in the “Royals” music video, where two teenage boys (actually, Lorde’s real life schoolmates) are carrying out common lives, void of any spec of lavish behavior or obsession of it. Speaking on behalf of the music video, Lorde states: “A lot of people think teenagers live in this world like ‘Skins’ every weekend…the truth is half the time we aren’t doing anything cooler than playing with lighters or waiting at some bus stop”.

Lorde is determined to stick to her roots in the pursuit of sharing her music with the world. She asserts, in interviews (Click here for an interview with PigeonsAndPlanes.com) and through her music lyrics, that she doesn’t want to be set up on a pedestal. But whether she anticipated it or not, her music is taking the music industry off guard by way of brutal honesty and graceful tact. Lorde will be making an appearance in the states at venues such as The Fillmore in Los Angeles, and Webster Hall in New York City. Lorde’s new album, Pure Heroine, is to be released in the United States on September 30th.

Lorde’s North America Tour Dates are as follows:

Sep 249:00 PM LordeThe Music Box of Fonda – Los Angeles, CA From $275
Sep 278:00 PM LordeThe Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
Sep 287:00 PM LordeShowbox SoDo – Seattle, WA
Sep 287:00 PM LordeShowbox at the Market – Seattle, WA From $55
Sep 307:00 PM LordeWebster Hall – New York, NY From $52
Oct 17:00 PM LordeWebster Hall – New York, NY
Oct 68:00 PM LordeDanforth Music Hall – Canada, TO From $61

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