Mary J. Blige Will Release ‘Strength of a Woman’ Next Month

Mary J. Blige, one of the most successful neo-soul artists to define and defy the early 90’s, has finally released the track list for her upcoming album Strength of a Womanher first since The London Sessions, a compilation of live performances that dropped back in 2014. And from the looks of the track list, Mary J. Blige has selected some of the most talented figures of the current hip-hop industry in order to enact her vision. “Thick of It“, the first single off Strength of a Woman, dropped back in 2016. The second single, “U + Me (Love Lesson)” arrived just last month.

“U + Me (Love Lesson)” shows us that Mary J. Blige is in a valuable place in terms of making music. Not only does she have plenty of recent experiences to draw from, but she has the privilege of an aged perspective, one that comes off as both universally and personally learned. “U + Me (Love Lesson)” is very emotional, but hardly an overreaction to its subject matter. The track employs a mid-tempo groove and uses sounds we’re familiar with when it comes to Mary J. Blige’s music. “U + Me (Love Lesson)” has us thinking that Mary J. has yet another timeless album on her hands. Check out the track below:

The Strength of a Woman is, according to Mary J. Blige, one of her most powerful albums to date, and she is very excited to share it with us. In addition to her undeniable talent that has only gotten better since the beginning of her career back in ’89, Strength of a Woman is also boosted by its list of amazing guests. The Strength of a Woman track list includes collaborations with Kanye West, Kaytranada, Migos‘ Quavo, Missy Elliott, DJ Khaled, and more. Check out the full 14-track listing below:

01 Love Yourself [ft. Kanye West] 02 Thick of It
03 Set Me Free
04 It’s Me
05 Glow Up [ft. Quavo, DJ Khaled, & Missy Elliott] 06 U + Me (Lesson Learned)
07 Indestructible
08 Thank Your
09 Survivor
10 Find the Love
11 Smile [ft. Prince Charlez] 12 Telling the Truth [ft. Kaytranada] 13 Strength of a Woman
14 Hello Father

Mary J. Blige

This album comes out at a time where Mary J. Blige continues to undergo tests of strength. Not only has she been dealing with the disillusion of her 12 year marriage, but she is continually having to answer to the media as to how and why their love faded. It seems that Mary J. Blige is using this album to speak to the world in ways she can’t state plainly. Thematically, Strength of a Woman seems like a capsule of the person Mary J. Blige wishes to embody all of the time, when she isn’t being bogged down by matters of the heart. Or perhaps this album is a testament to the woman who is better for these personal downfalls, and how true, authentic strength arises during these tumultuous times.

Strength of a Woman is due out April 28th. Will Mary J. Blige’s 13th studio album be her best yet? We can’t say for certain, but it looks like you should get ready for another R&B masterpiece from the neo-soul Queen, who continues to amaze us with her talent, ambition, and above all, her strength.

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