Metallica Will Tour in Support of New Album

Those of you witnessing the rapid decline of rock music’s popularity have likely found solace in knowing that Metallica will release their first album in eight years on November 18th. The new album, titled Hardwired…To Self Destructhad its completion announced just last week, in addition to the release of a full track list and details regarding the deluxe version. Check out the official video for “Hardwired“, the albums first track, below:

Frontman James Hatfield previously commented on “Hardwired”, stating it as one of the shorter songs on the album. But due to it’s sheer quality as a rock song, its length has no bearing on its success. “Hardwired” has remained within the Top 10 on Billboard’s Rock Charts for weeks now. As most Metallica fans know, the band is known for creating songs in longer form. Hatfield confirmed there will be a few “full-lengths” on Hardwired…To Self Destruct. 

Leading up to the November 18th release, Metallica will be hard at work promoting Hardwired…To Self Destruct, beginning with an appearance on The Howard Stern Show this upcoming Monday. Additionally, the band will be hosting a special edition of Sirius XM’s “Town Hall” series on November 16th, in which the band will also engage in a listener Q&A. Both specials will be available online post air-date.

Metallica In regards to upcoming Metallica tour dates, fans have been severely deprived over the years. So far in this decade, Metallica hasn’t had a run longer than 30 shows, which is quite a drop-off from what these rock veterans are used to doing. But according to a recent interview with bassist Robert Trujillo, the band will be “touring this one hard” (no pun intended). “Usually, with the States, we really wanna come in and there’s no experimenting; we want it to be right and solid. So we will be touring the States next year; it’s just we’re still developing the production to bring it out there. We’ve done a few things here and there — we played in Minneapolis very recently and we played in San Francisco also fairly recently. So we’re juicing up the machine here. We’re getting there. People are just gonna have to be a little bit more patient with us.”

So there you have it: Metallica will definitely be touring Hard Wired…To Self Destruct to full capacity, we just have to be patient with them. Considering fans have been dedicated to Metallica in the eight year interim between now and Death Magnetic, waiting a little longer for a full Metallica tour won’t be a problem.

Check back for a full schedule of Metallica Tour Dates, which will hopefully be announced soon. 


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