Miley Cyrus Does Something Shocking – She Sings

On Saturday in Vancouver, Canada, Miley Cyrus kicked off her highly anticipated Bangerz world tour. According to critics, while she unsurprisingly delivered on her quintessential “Mileyisms” (twerking, creepy cat GIFs, tongue-wagging, etc), she also delivered on amazing vocals all night.


Here are a few of the show’s highlights:


As the show opened, a 50-foot screen projected a video of Miley’s head, eyes rolling and mouth opening and closing. Then out of video “mouth” fell a massive, inflatable tongue. The actual Miley then emerged from between her own tonsils, and she took a ride to the stage floor via her giant tongue. All received by uproarious applause.


Miley Cyrus Giant TongueDesigners Roberto Cavalli, Jeremy Scott, the Blonds and Marc Jacobs all made outfits specifically for this tour, and Cyrus also purchased vintage Bob Mackie outfits for the occasion as well.


After buying cheap, or not so cheap Miley Cyrus tickets, it’s no surprise to see plenty of merchandise for sale. However, Miley Cyrus merchandise even surprised us: official Bangerz rolling papers for $40 a pack, which included two 24 karat gold sheets. In case anyone attending had literal money to burn.


One of Miley’s backup dancers was dressed as a joint. I know what you’re thinking so don’t worry, Miley got this. If the joint blew out, the rest of her dancers were dressed as giant lighters, just in case.


During Cyrus’ last song before the encore, she climbed aboard a 20-foot long wiener, which was then raised high above the crowd. The hot dog carried her halfway across the arena and back again to the stage, to the audience’s delight.

Miley Cyrus BearDuring a video interlude, Cyrus was the star of a black and white Madonna-esque montage. Footage showed flashes of Miley in states of undress and bondage while Alt-J track “Fitzpleasure” accompanied. During her acoustic set, Cyrus sang a slowed-down version of Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” as well as a cover of her godmother Dolly Parton’s tune “Jolene.”


In the end, it seems the most scandalous aspect of all was that there wasn’t really anything scandalous happening at all. Cyrus had said (when interviewed pre-tour) that she wanted people to know that she is a vocalist first and foremost. Unlike many big amphitheather shows, she was front and center without her recording as backup vocals and with very little background vocalist support. Who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of a focus shift from her tongue to her voice – both command our attention nonetheless.

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