Most Expensive NFL Single Game Prices 2014

The NFL season is just around the corner (finally), so we decided to take a look at the most expensive NFL Tickets of the 2014 season. Now this list is by no means a revelation, and your average Joe could have picked out a few of these games to leave your wallet feeling light. But the difference between this data and what you may be used to? These averages are updated daily, so you get to see how prices ebb and flow throughout the off-season and into the regular season.

As you can see below, the initial announcement of the schedule keeps prices super high, and it tends to tail off during the dog days of summer (in certain cases). But you can expect some of the prices of these games to start climbing again as we get closer to the season.

In any major sport, the single biggest factor in determining ticket prices is, you guessed it, winning. So it comes as no surprise that the Seattle Seahawks make multiple appearances on this list after their romping of the Denver Broncos (who appear a bit as well) in Super Bowl 48. Rivalries, franchise history, great quarterback play, and a team’s market round out the major factors that will drive ticket demand through the roof.

Now the order of this list will be constantly changing but for now, this is where we are at. So without further ado, the biggest wallet busting games of the 2014 NFL season.


The San Francisco 49ers will be playing in a shiny new stadium this season in Santa Clara, Levi’s Stadium. This is a massive upgrade over Candlestick Park, which was by many accounts a dump. The opening game in the 49ers new digs was bound to make this list, and playing a formidable Bears team that has high expectations and an explosive offense doesn’t hurt either.


A game that is guaranteed to be one of the most expensive of nearly every season is the Super Bowl rematch (provided it happens). Peyton Manning will look to avenge the embarrassment of Super Bowl 48 (tickets weren’t exactly cheap), and the Seahawks will look to make a fool of him again. The Seahawks have some of the most expensive tickets in general, and when you factor in that this jersey is a top ten seller, it makes perfect sense.


Potentially the most heated rivalry in all of football right now, played on Thanksgiving night, in a brand new stadium. Perfect recipe for high ticket prices.

It’s Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I shouldn’t need to elaborate on that any further.


The most expensive game of the 2014 season ends up being the first game of the 2014 season. The 12’s will be welcoming back their Super Bowl Champs for the first time, so they will probably generate another earthquake. Plus they are facing the Green Bay Packers, a team who historically increases ticket prices when they come to town. It’s Aaron Rodgers, Richard Sherman, and two of the best teams in football kicking off the season. Wouldn’t you pay an arm and a leg to be there?

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