Muse Saves Studio 8H

The show that the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live put on this past weekend was sub-par, to say the least (save one hilarious Bond girl skit). An awkward Daniel Craig flubbed up nearly all of the comedic timing, and the political comedy that usually makes SNL so great to watch during the election season was oddly missing. The guiding light of the show (see what I did there?) was the well-chosen musical guest: Muse.

Fresh from penning the official song of the 2012 Olympics, the English trio just released their sixth album, The 2nd Law. The band’s set on SNL consisted of two songs: their new single, Madness, and what I can only hope and assume is their next single, Panic Station. The brief intermissions that allowed the band to shine were the best parts of Saturday’s show, and probably the only ones worth watching. And it was nice to see NBC right their wrongs, and make up for not airing Muse’s set during the Closing Ceremony in August.

And now, beginning next week, Muse are embarking on their new world tour, which will make its US stops from late January to mid April. Presales are tomorrow and Wednesday for the North American dates, and the general sale is on 10/12. And remember, if you can’t get a ticket for your concert, don’t forget to check TickPick!


P.S. Some Muse ticket listings for your convenience 🙂

Jan 23Wed 7:00 PM MuseStaples Center – Los Angeles CA From $77
Jan 24Thu 7:00 PM MuseStaples Center – Los Angeles CA From $154
Apr 15Mon 8:00 PM MuseMadison Square Garden – New York NY From $65
Apr 16Tues 8:00 PM MuseMadison Square Garden – New York NY From $87
Apr 18Fri TBD MuseIzod Center – East Rutherford NJ From $99

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