Dear Evan Hansen has become one of the most popular shows on Broadway. If you are interested in seeing this next hit show, you want to make sure you familiarize yourself with the Music Box Theatre.

The Music Box is one of the smallest theaters on Broadway, with a capacity of only 860. This means there aren’t that many bad seats in the house, but of course some are better than others. Below you will find Music Box Theatre row and seat numbers, best and worse seats, and where you can Dear Evan Hansen Tickets for sold out shows.

Music Box Theatre Interactive Seating Chart

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Music Box Theater with Seat Numbers

Music Box Theater Row Numbers

When you are shopping around for tickets to Dear Evan Hansen, or any Broadway show, you want to pay attention to seat numbers. Not all listings will provide them, but when they do, the lower the seat number the better. Sellers are also required to disclose any obstructions that are marked on the tickets. A ticket is printed as obstructed or partially obstructed at the discretion of the Music Box Theater.

Orchestra Seating at Music Box Theater

In the far left and right of the Orchestra, you will find the views may be partially obstructed. This will be worse in the rows closer to the stage due to the extreme angle. The Orchestra Center seats are generally regarded as the best in the house, preferably in rows E-L, which are an ideal distance from the stage. You will find that tickets in this area are the most expensive as well.

As far as legroom is concerned, the feedback TickPick has received is that the Music Box Theater has more legroom than other theaters. That being said, it will still be tight. Typically the closer to the aisle you are, the more legroom you will have.

Mezzanine Seating at Music Box Theater

The Mezzanine hand over the Orchestra section at about row J. Just like the Orchestra, you want to avoid seats in the far right and left in the Side Mezzanine sections. The box seats jut out quite a bit at this theater, which can obstruct your view of the stage if you are sitting in the higher seat numbers. However if you sit above row G in the Mezzanine and are on the far sides, the view should not have an obstruction. Because of the size of the theater, the last row in the Mezzanine will still provide a good view of the stage, so don’t be afraid to sit back there if you are on a budget.

Dear Evan Hansen Lottery Policy

Unfortunately, the Music Box Theatre does not offer a lottery for Dear Evan Hansen tickets. Tickets must be purchased outright.

Music Box Theatre Review

“This place is amazing! The green signs draw you right to it. Once inside you have that old world charm everywhere you look for sure. They have a collectible stand as well as a bar with snacks too. The performance was amazing and the effects were the! Seating is tight but the bathrooms were better than I thought they would be for this place. The only problem is parking I’ve gone out to dinner near here and have gotten a voucher for free parking. This place only gets you a discount on astronomically parking costs. For the price of this ticket it should include parking for free in the a garage. Anyways, come see a show here and be immersed in very powerful acting!”

Where to Buy Cheaper Dear Evan Hansen Tickets

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