Natalie La Rose looks like Aaliyah | 6 Times Natalie La Rose channeled her inner Aaliyah


1.) Can you get more 90s than the ‘Somebody’ music video?

Luke Gilford | Director of Natalie La Rose's 'Somebody' Music Video

Didn’t think so.


2.) Natalie La Rose is constantly rocking the bare midriff look

Natalie La Rose Bare Midriff

Something Aaliyah was also very fond of . . .

Aaliyah | Rocking the Bare Midriff Look

3.) That attitude (in a good way)

Natalie La Rosa Has Some Attitude

Need I say more?

Aaliyah also has some attitude (in a good way)

4.) Get that V Formation!

Natalie La Rose & her dancers in a V Formation

Geese know what’s up.


5.) Natalie La Rose wants to go into film & acting, just like Aaliyah

Natalie La Rose wants to be in movies, just like Aaliyah

She said in an interview with Hot 97 that she wants to use music and dancing as a way to get into film. Funnily enough, Aaliyah also acted in several films, including Queen of the Dammned and Romeo Must Die, starring alongside Jet Li and DMX.

Aaliyah in Romeo Must Die

6.) She’s being mentored by an older man in the industry.

Natalie La Rose & Flo Rida, her mentor

Natalie La Rose got herself in front of Flo Rida, and he was so impressed with her confidence, he let her come into the studio with him to help write Wild Ones. He was evidently impressed enough with her singing abilities in the studio, that he asked her to join him as his lead backup singer on his upcoming world tour. She said yes, and two weeks later, she was whisked away to Brazil to perform live with Flo Rida in front of thousands of people. Later, when Flo Rida started his own record label, Natalie La Rose was the first artist he signed.

Aaliyah infamously looked up to and was mentored by R. Kelly, and it’s been argued that they were even married at one point when she was still underage. R. Kelly helped Aaliyah write most of the songs off her first album, but since the press grabbed hold of the marriage story, they had an infamous falling out that lasted until her tragic death in a plan crash.

Aaliyah & R. Kelly

But, even Aaliyah’s first single didn’t reach the success of Somebody ft. Jeremih:

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    • She does look like Aaliyah and there’s nothing wrong with one person resembling another. It doesn’t mean she “is” Aaliyah. We all know Aaliyah can never be replaced. You don’t have to be so mean. It’ll be okay.


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