How Much are Tickets to the Final Four? | Year by Year Breakdown

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is one of the greatest sporting events in the United States, a single elimination tournament where improbable results are the norm. If your team is good enough to reach it to the Final Four, you will have the unique opportunity of traveling to a neutral city where you’re surrounded by like-minded fans.

If you are considering making the trip to a Final Four, you are probably wondering, “How much do Final Four Tickets cost?“. Below you will find an interactive chart showing the average ticket prices dating back to 2014.

The 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been as unpredictable as any, but there are a few teams left whose campus’s are located near San Antonio, causing a spike in recent days. We will continue updating the chart on a daily basis so you can track the ebbs and flows of the market. To refresh your memory, here are the participants dating back to 2014 with the italicized team being the winner. You can also check out No Fee Final Four Tickets here.

2014 – UConn, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Florida,  – AT&T Stadium

2015 – Duke, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Michigan State – Lucas Oil Stadium

2016 – Villanova, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Syracuse – NRG Stadium

2017 – North Carolina, Gonzaga, Oregon, South Carolina – University of Phoenix Stadium

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