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When did it become so difficult to keep up with new music? To stay up to date on your favorite artists as they release new singles and albums? Life keeps us busy, and before you know it, you’re yet again sitting at your desk, surfing Spotify, looking for new music to listen to.

Whether it’s to soundtrack your commute, maintain gusto at the gym, give fresh background music to your workplace, or, if you simply love music, here is a running list of the Latest Music Releases, the Best New Albums and Singles to hit our ears. Want to get the scoop on upcoming music releases? Check out The Most Anticipated Rock and Hip-Hop Albums of 2021.


Remi Wolf: Juno

It’s here, the full-length debut from Remi Wolf, Juno. The album, upbeat and danceable, kooky and free, is everything a Remi Wolf fan could want from the artist’s first grand gesture to the recording industry. She served herself up on a platter, raspy vocals and human frailty tucked into bopping neon energy, her soulful voice cutting through all the hyper-pop mania of Juno. If you’re looking for a narrative album, this one may not be for you. But, if you’re a human looking to release, and feel, and catch a cheeky depressive line here and there, Juno is the album for you.

Coldplay: Music of the Spheres

Coldplay fans are still getting used to the band’s contemporary pop adherence, but in their latest, Music of the Spheres, Chris Martin and his long-lived group of musicians make a slight return to form. Tracks such as “Coloratura” and “Infinity” hail over to their slow-building, melodic, electronic symphony sound, reminiscent of Viva La Vida and Mylo Xyloto. Though we miss the piano-driven pop ballads of Coldplay’s past, we’re happy to still see them around, recording and performing, gearing up for a giant world tour in 2022.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: Georgia Blue

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit are now out with Georgia Blue, an album released entirety for charity. Besides the good cause behind this record, Georgia Blue is a star-studded affair that dives deep into the long and staggering history of musicians who’ve come out of that state. Georgia Blue, an old-fashioned tribute album, ranges from the joyful to the melancholy, rock to country. But above all, Georgia Blue showcases Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit’s far-reaching talent.

Young Thug: Punk

Don’t let the title of the new Young Thug album, Punk, fool you. This is a rap album, with gentle acoustic guitar appearing here and there. The title, in our opinion, is more about Young Thug’s attitude and approach to the world. His ability to experiment with his connections and fame, his proximity to pop music. On Punk, you’ll find a Doja Cat duet, Kanye beats, Travis Scott and Drake features, and even a duet with the late Mac Miller titled “Day Before,” as it was recorded the day before his death. We can’t say it’s Young Thug’s best, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

Chvrches: Screen Violence

Joyful, anthemic, electro-pop trio Chvrches have veered into largely unmarked territory with their latest album, Screen Violence. The new record, a horror-themed exploration into female scary movie tropes, slasher culture, morbidity, and loss, is Chvrches’ best album in years. Ranging from eerie to euphoric, Screen Violence showcases the wide array of synth and vocal production Chvrches has at their talented hands.

Screen Violence is here for us, providing an upbeat, introspective pause for this entirely heavy summer’s end.


Adele: “Easy On Me”

It’s finally time to shout it from the mountaintops: Adele is back. The English singer-songwriter is out with her first single from the highly anticipated album 30, due out in November. “Easy On Me” is everything we could want from Adele, whose voice and emotive style are just what we needed to get through our millennial heartbreaks. We absolutely cannot wait for what she has left to show us and for 30 to be played on repeat.

Brent Cobb: “We Shall Rise”

The Georgia singer-songwriter Brent Cobb has previewed his upcoming album of revamped hymns, songs inspired by his Gospel upbringing, with “We Shall Rise.” The forthcoming record, And Now, Let’s Turn To Page…, is produced entirely by his cousin Dave Cobb and will include mostly hymns and spirituals that are decades old and often sung in churches.

“I’d always had it in the back of my mind to make a gospel album,” the songwriter said in a statement. “That moment of clarity, of almost getting killed, made me think I should just make the gospel album now.”

Stromae: “Santé”

It’s been eight years since Stromae, formally Paul Van Haver, released the much lauded Racine Carrée. Now, he’s back with a single to celebrate the enduring working class heroes of our world. “Santé,” which glides into our hearts immediately with the help of a cavaquinho (small Portugese guitar), is propelled by a loping, nearly waltzing beat and Stromae’s incredulous delivery. “Santé” has us leaping for the eventual return, a new album, from the Belgian polymath Stromae.

Jack White: “Taking Me Back”

This month, Jack White returned for his first solo single in three years. The song, “Taking Me Back,” is now featured in the latest trailer for Call of Duty. Entirely written, produced, and recorded by Jack White in his famous Nashville Third Man Studios, “Taking Me Back” is a gnarly, rock guitar-driven track that is utterly perfect for the Call of Duty setting and gameplay. Does Jack White being in the studio mean a whole new album is on its way, the first since 2018’s Boarding House Reach? We hope to receive confirmation in the coming months.


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