New Chance The Rapper Album, Upcoming Tour, and More

3On May 13th, Chance the Rapper fans were gifted Coloring Book, his third LP/mixtape. Coloring Book features appearances by Kanye,  Lil Wayne,  2Chainz,  Young Thug,  Justin Beiber, and more. But perhaps the most notable aspect of Coloring Book compared to Chance’s past efforts is that it includes several moments of gospel-rap, church choir arrangements, and plenty of soulful trumpet interludes. And though he waded into uncharted waters, the risk proved itself to be worth it. Coloring Book is an overall masterpiece.

Chance the Rapper Coloring Book

Gospel choir acts as the true backbone of Coloring Book, appearing most singularly on the “Blessings” reprise and “How Great”, a hymn which was recorded following the funeral service of his grandmother, as performed by his cousin Nicole, who performed at the service as well. “How Great”, one of Chance’s favorite tracks on the album, is emotional, powerful, and clearly sits close to his heart. The last two tracks are almost exclusively gospel-rap, making Chance’s overall statement of revisiting his African-American gospel roots a strong one.

But for those of you who are looking for a straight rap style mixtape, check out tracks 2, 7, and 10: “No Problem” feat. Lil’ Wayne and 2Chainz,“Mixtape” feat. Young Thug and Lil Yachty, and “All Night” feat. Knox Fortune. All three tracks are brawny in their cutting-edge rhymes and heavier in their beats. Overall, they provide a necessary reprieve from the lighter, gospel heavy tracks.

Many of the tracks on Coloring Book are about Chance’s daughter, who has become a major influence on his artistic material. “Blessings”, with the chorus “blessings keep falling in my lap”, directly speaks to becoming a father, and even his cover art, which illustrates the face of adoration as Chance looks down at his daughter. There are several other verses in Coloring Book which reference Chance’s new family, showing fans that even in fame, he hasn’t forgotten the most important aspects in life.

In addition to everything he’s accomplished on his third LP, Chance the Rapper remains one of the few independent artists producing and touring at this level. But not being signed to a label suits Chance all the better, as he is allowed to experience the freedom he represents in his music.


Those of you who aren’t subscribers to Apple Music, the new Chance the Rapper album is available here full stream on Youtube. Coloring Book will be available on Spotify once the 2-week exclusive hold Apple Music has on the album expires.

So, when will Chance the Rapper Tour in 2016?  Well Chance just announced his 2016 Magnificent Coloring World Tour! Check our tips on how to get cheap Chance the Rapper tickets. For more up-to-date information, we suggest following Chance on Twitter!


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