NFL Game Day Style

When looking for examples of team spirit and passion, look no further than the fans of the NFL. These fans root for their teams through thick and thin and nothing will stop them from heading out to the stadium as a collective unit to see them in action. Even when a team is at its lowest, its fans never give up hope and continue to show undying support.

This support, as many of us have surely seen, is often expressed in a number of ways. While some immediately jump to face paint and elaborate costumes, others might stick to a traditional jersey and cap. As the NFL playoffs began to heat up, we set out to discover how fans planned to showcase their fandom through their game-day gear (because let’s face it, no one wants to be sitting smack in the middle of a sea of green jerseys while wearing khakis and a polo).  The feedback was overwhelming and involved everything from your basic jersey selection to ways to incorporate fashionable trends. What we also noticed though was that each response provided great insight into what being a fan means to them and the bond that team spirit can create.


Mary grew up with parents from Pittsburgh, so naturally, she became a lifetime Steelers fan despite her many moves! She even met her fiance at a Washington D.C. Steelers bar. No matter if she’s at the game, a sports bar, or on her couch enjoying her Sunday, Mary is always showing support in black and yellow! Same goes for Amanda, but you can find her cooking out with family (weather permitting!).
















While Bills fans often go through a number of emotions throughout the season, Nina made it very clear to us that despite not making the playoffs since ’99, you can always find her at the games rooting for her favorite team in her essential Sunday attire.




Jessica made mention that despite being a Lions fan and her season being over, she wasn’t going to let that stop her from showing her team spirit. She talked about how she’ll be cozying up in her husband’s man cave with pizza and wings! She also highlighted the importance of sticking with your team’s colors and making your viewing party fun and comfortable.




Speaking of viewing parties, what do you get when you cross a Sunday afternoon with one of the loudest NFL fan bases? Camaraderie. That’s the theme when Melissa’s “game-day gang” gets together when the Seahawks take the field. Being decked out head to toe (literally) in navy blue and lime green is what helps bring these fans together and bonds them through team
spirit…even the furry fans!














And when it comes to team spirit, it’s hard not to think of the New England Patriots. Both Ashley and Caroline shared similar sentiments when it came to supporting their boys from the northeast. Caroline talked about how her grandmother’s “heavily opinionated personality” and love for the Pats helped her become a fan as well. On the other hand it took Ashley a bit longer to embrace what she initially considered to be “the dark side.” Now a Belichick supporter, Ashley likes to keep it simple and fun when it comes to supporting her team – especially at her job for “Football Fridays.”















Team spirit is important regardless of where or how you show it! You could be the fanatic heckling the other team from the stands, wearing face paint and your player’s jersey, or the fan watching from the comforts of your own home, binge eating chips and dip while rocking your team’s colors. Whichever you prefer, be sure to do it in style and with spirit…and hope your team comes out on top!

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