NFL Preseason Tickets | An Equal Opportunity for Players and Fans

NFL Preseason Tickets: Who really wants to buy them? Most people skip the preseason because their favorite players aren’t playing the whole game. The savviest NFL fans realize that the preseason is a great time to see the up and coming – the new blood in their favorite franchise and their favorite players. More importantly the preseason is not only an opportunity for NFL hopefuls to make the team, but also an opportunity for fans to get through gates at a fraction of the cost of regular season games.

NFL Ticket Breakdown:

NFL Tickets

A regular season game costs a family of four at least $800. Every ticket price up there is the least expensive one for either the preseason or regular season opener. That means you’re paying six hundred dollars for nosebleed endzone tickets for a family of four. Factor in beer, hotdogs, gas, and parking and a ballpark estimate could be closer to $800.

The NFL’s Most Expensive Tickets

NFL Tickets Prices

With a four pack of tickets teetering on $130 for a preseason game, NFL Tickets are a little more realistic for the average person to attend without forking over half of last month’s salary. And if you are looking to upgrade your seats a little bit, you’ll be able to do it without coming close the cheapest regular season tickets. You can get Cowboys Cardinals preseason tickets within 15 rows of the field for $48 dollars. That’s $48 flat with TickPick’s $0 buyers fee. 

NFL TICKET PRICESIf you’re a fan of any of these teams, then all of the above advice goes double for you. With young, talented quarterbacks at the helm in San Francisco, Indy, Washington, Tampa Bay, and Seattle, more fans are coming out to the games. So don’t expect to pay what you’re used to for regular season tickets. Fortunately, with at least one year under each QB’s belt, they aren’t causing much stir in the preseason. Tickets are still as inexpensive as ever.

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