NFL Week One News & Notes

We know we normally provide you with seating chart information and ticket deals, but our friend Michael Rongo has a knack for summing up an NFL week. So without further ado, Michael’s News & Notes from Week 1 of the 2014 NFL Season.

  •  Eli has never been a ball protector so bringing in McAdoo as offensive coordinator made a lot of sense.  He runs a west coast offense with the thought process being shorter and quicker passes to play to Cruz and Beckhams strength.  It all seemed good on paper but their major issue is still their offensive line, if they don’t come together this could be a very long season for Giant fans.


  • The Jets won as the Jets win, Ugly.  They beat a rookie QB at home against one of the league’s worst teams.   What I did see as a huge positive is their defensive line.  They only gave up 25 yards on the ground.  Another positive is the fact that CJ2k looks like there are still life left in those legs and Decker appears to be a true WR1.


  • In an offense dominated league the Seahawks are proof that you can still build a championship team by building around a stacked defense and run game.  They are a throwback to 1980’s football, they made one of the league’s best offense look as anemic as the Jacksonville Jaguars.   Combine that with how tough they are to play at home and we may be looking at the first repeat champions since the 2004/5 Pats.


  • Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson continue to defy father time.  Wayne, who turns 36 this season, looks every bit the same as he did at 26; he has 13k career receiving yards and 80 touchdown catches.  Andre Johnson’s numbers are almost as impressive,  especially since he has been catching balls from David Carr, Matt Schaub, Case Keenum and now Ryan Fitzpatrick (12k yards and 60 tds).


  • Knowshon Moreno will get his touches this year and he appears to be in line for another 1k yard season.  He has only rushed the ball 200+ times twice in his career, both times he was at the 1k yard marker.


  • What Ray Rice did was deplorable and I totally agree with him being cut and suspended, what I don’t get is what the NFL, Media, and Fans thought they were going to see when that video was released.   This is clearly damage control by Goodell and the Ravens.


  • Calvin Johnson is a Man among Boys.


  • Imagine if AJ Green had a real QB throwing to him.


  • Add Steve Smith to point number 4.


  • RG3 is probably the 2nd best QB on his team and his rookie year may prove to best his best year as a Pro.


  • New England had a non-New England type performance on Sunday.  They went into half time with a 20-10 lead only to get shut out in the 2ndhalf.  Very strange considering Bellicheck is considered the league’s best in-game manager.


  • KC and the Bears ruined a lot of peoples Survivor pools this week.


  • Don’t sleep on the Steelers offense this year.  Antonio Brown is one of the most under rated players in the league and Le’Veon “Pass the Doobie” Bell is poised to break out ( 109 yrds rushing and 6 catches for 88 yards).


  • I know San Fran got the W but I don’t think this team is as good as they were in years past.  Tough Division, minus the Rams, should be a dog fight all year.   Speaking of the Rams, if they are going to war with Shaun Hill and Austin Davis all year they could be the 2nd team in history to go winless.

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