Noname Is Releasing A New Album Titled ‘Room 25’

Chicago MC and poet Fatimah Warner—better known as Noname—took to Twitter to share some wonderful news with her fans, and did so with her typical, modesty-forward attitude.

Noname released her debut mixtape Telefone in July of 2016. The album was critically acclaimed, and earned Noname appearances on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert and Budweiser’s Boiler Room, as well as a North American and European tour, where she got to meet and woo her dedicated fanbase in person.

There aren’t many details available on the upcoming project, other than the title will be Room 25. For the past two years, Noname has watched her star status climb, despite having not released any new music. Telefone, for a debut mixtape, was weighted with features. It seems that the Chicago MCs run in a tight little circle, as many of Noname’s collaborators have also appeared on Chance the Rapper tracks. We’re hoping that Smino, Raury, Saba, and others reappear to bolster Noname’s upcoming album Room 25. 

And what’s the harm in hoping for a Chance the Rapper feature, too? The two have shown up for each other throughout the years, from Chance’s second Saturday Night Live performance, to his feature on one of her first singles, “Sunday Morning”. We hope the two Chicago MCs continue to bolster each other, hopefully sooner than later, on Noname’s sophomore album Room 25Stay tuned for an album release date, and hopefully a tour schedule, in the near future.

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